Healing & Magickal Properties of Gemstones A-B

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Agate Against pain and deafness, headaches, protective, gives courage, lowers fevers, calms, comforts and harmonises, against insanity, enhances vitality, against epilepsy, makes one well spoken, helps difficult deliveries, against meningitis, tumours, for a good digestive system and bladder function. Agate heals ailments of the bronchial tubes and asthmatic problems. Agate makes its wearer serious, well balanced, loved and amiable. Also Agate shields children against falling. In magic Agates are used in rituals that concern love, healing, protection, strength and courage. It is said that one can only tell the truth when looking onto an Agate.
Apricot Agate
Apricot Agate is the most suitable stone for pregnant women and young children. This stone protects both mother and child during the pregnancy. Apricot Agate also protects the foetus against all kinds of illnesses like harelips and Down's syndrome.
Black Agate
Black Agate is a protective stone; it provides its wearer with courage and calms a quick temper.
Blue Agate:
Blue Agate cures and eases illnesses of the middle ear, like middle ear infections, earaches and a ringing of the ears. Blue Agate also helps against equilibrium problems caused by a problem of the middle ear.
Brown Agate:
Brown Agate, also known as brazilian Agate, is a talisman that attracts wealth and protects its wearer against evil. Further more communication within a relationship is stimulated by this stone as well as inner stability.
Green Agate
Green Agate protects its owner against all evil. An elixir of Green Agate helps against constipation, irregular stool and other colon related complaints.
Red Agate
Red Agate is the symbol of happiness and wealth and it protects the property of its owner against thieves. This stone strengthens the kidneys and cures kidney colics and kidney infections.
White Agate
White Agate is also called Peace Agate; this stone is an excellent stimulant to fight addictions of any kind, especially alcoholism. Combined with Ruby the White Agate will help you to quit smoking.
Also see: Botswana Agate, Moss Agate and Turitella Agate.


Chemical Composition: Al2BeO4
Alexandrite heals the central nervous system. Harmonises the co-operation of the organs, especially the spleen, stomach and pancreas. Also works especially well in leukaemia cases. Alexandrite attracts good luck. Also used in love spells.
Note: Alexandrite is a very rare stone and therefore an extremely expensive one. However it is one of the most exquisite stones I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, because of one of its wonderful property of changing colours: in daylight this stone appears to be green and in artificial lighting this stone appears to be red.
Also see: Chrysoberyl.


Chemical Composition: Al2BeO4
Alexandrite heals the central nervous system. Harmonises the co-operation of the organs, especially the spleen, stomach and pancreas. Also works especially well in leukaemia cases. Alexandrite attracts good luck. Also used in love spells.
Note: Alexandrite is a very rare stone and therefore an extremely expensive one. However it is one of the most exquisite stones I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, because of one of its wonderful property of changing colours: in daylight this stone appears to be green and in artificial lighting this stone appears to be red.

Chemical Composition: 75% C, 10% H, 15% O + S
Amber Amber cures and protects the bronchial tubes, helps the teething of babies. Against fears, phobias, depression, hysteria, asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, infections, fevers, yellow fever and malaria. Strengthens teeth, stops bleeding, against rheumatism, laryngitis, fatigue, for a trouble free pregnancy, against shingles, intestinal problems, poisoning, good for bladder and heart, metabolism, spine and viral diseases. Amber prevents goitre because it stimulates the energy flow in the thyroid. Works fantastic against Graves' disease (formerly known as Basedow disease). Amber is a stone that attracts love. As an amulet Amber protects against negativity, sorcery and witchcraft. Amber has always been associated with witchcraft. Put a large piece of Amber on your altar to enhance your magic. This is also one of the reasons why many wiccans wear necklaces of Amber and Jet during rituals. Amber is used for all magical purposes.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Amethyst Amethyst calms and gives inner peace, works wonders against insomnia, stress related headaches and migraines. Relaxes the muscles of the neck and shoulder blades, against venereal diseases, hysteria, hallucinations, puerperal fever, rage, hatred and anger, fear, pain and homesickness. Amethyst cures impurities of the skin, against dropsy and colour blindness, strengthens kidneys and eyes. Works against all kinds of addictions, alcoholism, pulls the negativity out of its wearer, gives energy, clears the mind, for flexibility and openness, against concussions and related head aches. Against infections, strengthens stomach, liver and gives love of mankind and friendship, strengthens pancreas, thyroid, thymus and metabolism. Use to regain strength after illness, paleness and painful menstruation. Amethyst is an ideal stone to decrease fear, sorrow and homesickness. Also it's an ideal stone to use for sprains. Amethyst can be used to sharpen the sixth sense and that's why a lot of people keep an Amethyst with their Tarot set or Runes. An Amethyst worn by a man will attract a good woman. In magic this stone is used against alcoholism, for courage, as a protection against thieves, for health, peace, love and psychism.

Ametrine Chemical Composition: SiO2
Ametrine cures headaches and harmonises both sides of the brain, next to that Ametrine cures extreme blushing and protects against meningitis. Ametrine also helps one achieve a higher meditative state and changes negative emotions into positive deeds.
Ametrine combines the properties of Amethyst and Citrine.

Andalusite Chemical Composition: Al2SiO5
Andalusite is a great help when you wish to get to know all the facets of your character, but stay with both feet on the ground at the same time. It allows you to be analytical without losing sight of reality, which makes it an excellent stone to examine your problems. Andalusite strengthens the memory and awakens inner knowledge. On the physical level Andalusite is used to treat illnesses of the pulmonary tract and chromosome disturbances.
Also see: Chiastolite.

Andean Opal
Chemical Composition: SiO2 + H2O
The Andean Opal is found in four different colours: pink, blue, green and white. All these various colours of Andean Opal may be used to cure diseases of the heart, the lungs and the thymus. Also when you are suffering from muscle swelling and if you are retaining water this stone can bring relief and be the cure. The Andean Opal opens us up for our spiritual journey.
Andean Opal Blue-green Andean Opal
This stone positively influences the respiratory tract, lungs and bronchial tubes. It will also relieve allergies and asthma. Next to that it will cure diseases of the skin and the Blue-green Andean Opal also strengthens the throat and may be used to diminish and heal throat infections and hoarseness.
Andean Opal Pink Andean Opal
This stone strengthens the enzymes in the body and may be used in combination with all other healing stones. The Pink Andean Opal diminishes and cures depression and helps its wearer find true love. This stone also works on the endocrine system and strengthens the immune system and this is why it protects you against viral infections.
Also see: Opal.

Apache Gold Apache Gold
Chemical Composition: FeS2
Apache Gold may be used to stimulate digestion and to work up an appetite. Next to that this stone makes sure that stomach and intestines are in good working order and also that nutrients, vitamins and minerals are assimilated by the body. Apache Gold may also be used to dispel diseases of the ear. In magic Apache Gold is used in ceremonial magic and shamanistic travel. In meditation Apache Gold is a grounding stone. Apache Gold is also called Pyrite Agate.

Apache Tear Apache Tear
Chemical Composition: Mostly SiO2
Apache Tear harmonises stress related illnesses like stomach and intestinal disorders, cures ulcers. For diarrhoea and arrhythmia. Apache Tear is also known as the 'Grief Stone' and is a good help during mourning. For example, put four Apache Tears, one for every element, around a candle as help during mourning. Apache Tear is worn as a lucky charm and used for protection. Also see: Obsidian

Apatite Apatite
Chemical Composition: Ca5(F,Cl)(PO4)3
Apatite is composed out of many minerals that are found in our bodies and that is why this stone can be used for many purposes. Apatite stimulates the intestinal system and because of that the nutrients are absorbed into the body. Against obesity and flu, strengthens the immune system.

A wonderful stone, it's colour can hardly be described and it's a soft healer.

Apophyllite Apophyllite
Chemical Composition: KCa4F(Si4O10)+8H2O
Against paralysis of the muscles and nerves, against facial paralysis and enormous pains, like colic. Use as a therapy stone in case of Multiple Sclerosis, depression, hallucinations and epilepsy. Strengthens kidneys and bladder. Apophyllite opens the heart chakra.

Aqua Aura
Chemical Composition: SiO2 + Au
Aqua Aura Aqua Aura is a stone that is manufactured by human hands, this stone is made up from Clear Crystal Quartz that has been treated with a layer of Gold, these two components are melted together through extreme heat and created a beautiful blue stone. Even though this stone was made by human hands, Aqua Aura has a few important healing properties and it combines the strength of Clear Crystal Quartz and Gold. This stone protects and cleanses the aura and stimulates channelling, the intellect and telepathy. Aqua Aura also stimulates the throat chakra.

Chemical Composition: Al2Be3(Si6O18)
Aquamarine Aquamarine, against neuralgia, enlarged glands, illnesses of the throat, cough, stomach, liver and eye diseases. Against sinusitis, teary eyes and all kinds of allergies, even serious hey fever will disappear, asthma. For mucous membranes, jaw, molars and mouth, use in case of toothache, thyroid diseases, promotes the expression of feelings. For heart, blood vessels, bones, spleen, neck, kidneys, metabolism, thymus. Against sadness, poisoning, rash, for youth and fearlessness, promotes a loyal, warm heart. Aquamarine is an excellent stone for people that want to develop their paranormal abilities. This stone can also be used as a cleansing stone, wear or use this stone during your bath or shower before ritual and magical activities.
Also see: Beryl.

Chemical Composition: CaCO3
Aragonite Aragonite may be used to treat sensitive teeth and gingivitis, to do so, you may gargle with Aragonite water on a daily basis. The bones and connective tissue are strengthened by wearing this stone, Aragonite may be used to treat gout but also to heal inflammations of the connective tissue. You may treat liver spots and freckles with Aragonite water and these spots will fade. Aragonite positively influences the skin and hair, and it promotes joy of living. This stone can also be used to diminish nightmares and those that are usually moon-struck benefit tremendously from wearing Aragonite.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Blue Aventurine
Blue Aventurine Blue Aventurine is a stone that positively influences the entire body and mind: in other words this stone is an all-round healer. It opens the third eye chakra and the throat chakra, Blue Aventurine stimulates creativity, communication and expression. It also diminishes blockages in the third eye chakra and may be used to stimulate visions. This stone is also called Vivianite.
brown or Orange Aventurine
brown or Orange Aventurine brown or orange Aventurine stimulates vitality and positively influences ones state of mind. This stone is also called Aventurine-Sunstone, because of its appearance and also because of its influences on the human psyche. brown or Orange Aventurine provides happiness for its wearer and gives one independence and originality. This stone is connected to the second chakra and may be used to dissolve creative blockages and also to find and work through sexual traumas.
Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine The green variety stimulates unexpected adventure, luck in love and games and makes one independent and original. Use Green Aventurine against eczema, rash, acne and psoriasis, it heals damaged skin, prevents nosebleeds, against all problems that cause redness of the skin. Promotes growth, physical as well as mental, gives rest and self control, good for restless children, use in case of heart disease caused by excessive strain, good for eyes, skin, central nervous system and muscular system. Remedy against arthritis, osteoporosis and rachitis, can help in case of high or low blood pressure. Aventurine brings out the best and most beautiful in people and promotes the development of spirituality. This stone gives one luck in games and is a talisman for gamblers. Also Green Aventurine can be used in money spells.

Azuriet Chemical Composition: Cu(OHCO3)2
Azurite has a good influence on the central nervous system. Protects against inner blockages, constipation and a weak concentration. When used with Clear Crystal Quartz and Rose Quartz it shields against rays emitted by computers etc. Azurite is used in magic to promote psychism and is also used in healing magic.

Chemical Composition: Cu(OHCO3)2+Cu2(OH)2CO3
Azurite-Malachite Azurite-Malachite strengthens the liver, gall bladder and all glands. Diminishes diseases of the stomach membrane. This stone gives its wearer a beautiful and natural radiance, health and well being. I'm sure you understand now why I wear earrings with this gemstone
Azurite-Malachite contains all the positive properties of both Azurite and Malachite. For magical use please check out the descriptions of both stones.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Bandonyx Bandonyx is the black and white variety of Onyx and is also called Layer stone. This stone contains a good balance in itself and will promote this in its wearer as well. This stone may be used to heal diseases of the liver like yellow fever and hepatitis, but also liver cirrhosis may be treated by wearing this stone. This stone helps its wearer to find the truth and may be worn in court cases where one has the law on his/her side. Bandonyx promotes tolerance and accepting others as they are, which is why this stone can be very useful treating xenophobia.
Also see: Sardonyx.

Beryl Chemical Composition: Al2Be3(Si6O18)
White Beryl is a soft healer, use in case of gastro-enteritis and haemorrhoids. Take Beryl with you on vacations because this stone is an excellent aid in case of motion sickness, diarrhoea and homesickness. Against biting nails and thumb sucking. Beryl protects on trips, especially on sea voyages it protects against storms. Also Beryl protects its wearer against drowning. In the 16th century Beryl was prescribed to win debates. In magic Beryl is used for spells involving health, love, energy and psychism. Also this stone is used against gossip.
Also see: Aquamarine, Bixbite, Emerald, Goshenite, Heliodor, and Morganite.

Biotite Biotite
Chemical Composition: K,Mg,Fe3(OH)2(AlFeSi3O10
Biotite activates the metabolism and helps relieve constipation and regulates the stool. This stone also diminishes diseases of the joints, like rheumatism and gout, and protects the veins. Biotite may also be used to heal ailments of the eyes. Next to that Biotite diminishes sleeping disorders, insomnia and depression, put a slab of Biotite underneath your pillow and you will awake rested and refreshed the following morning.

Bixbite Chemical Composition: Al2Be3(Si6O18)
The rare red variety of Beryl is called Bixbite, not to be confused with an oxide of manganese and iron called Bixbyite. Bixbite is used in gemstone therapy to heal diseases of the heart and also for ailments of the liver, diseases of the mouth, throat and stomach. Just like all red stones Bixbite may be used to give one physical energy and also gives its wearer creativity. Bixbite also harmonises relationships and can be used for to get through the grieving process and depressions.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Bloodstone Strengthens spiritual energy and can help one see into the past or future. It is said that if one inherits a Bloodstone it will give the help and support of its previous owner. Soothes in case of downfalls, against haemorrhoids, gingivitis, stomach and intestinal problems, urinary tract infections and nosebleeds, strengthens bladder. Promotes selflessness, stops bleeding, in case of ulcers, cleanses, promotes the discharge of waste emitted by liver, kidneys and spleen. Stimulates the oxygen supply, gives its wearer wisdom, idealism and compassion. In magic Bloodstone is worn to increase physical strength. Because of its colour it is used in money, wealth and business related spells. Keep a Bloodstone in your cash register to draw money to your business. Also you can carry it in your pocket or purse to attract wealth. Worn by women during their pregnancies to prevent miscarriage and later on to ease childbirth.
Also known as Heliotrope.

Boji Stones™
Chemical Composition: mainly Pyrite, with some Palladium
Boji Stones Boji Stone™ are sold as a pair and the one stone has a male charge, whereas the other has a female charge. This pair of stones energises all cells in the body and rejuvenate their wearer. Next to that these stones give joy of living and may also used to pamper animals and plants. Bojis can also be used to clear energy blockages in the body and align the chakras. Boji Stones™ are grounding stones.

Chemical Composition: Cu5FeS4
Bornite Bornite is known as Peacock Ore in the gemstone trade, because this stone produces a rainbow of blues, turquoises, gold and greens in its copper red colour. Bornite aids the flow of adrenaline in the body and protects against cerebral haemorrhage and heart attacks. This stone may also be used to lower fevers and diminish swelling. Its healing powers spread out to the female reproductive organs, and protect pregnant women and their unborn children, and it also harmonises menstruation. Bornite protects its wearer against negative energy and can be an incredible help during the re-birthing process. This stone stimulates happiness and communication as well.

Botswana Agate
Botswana Agate Chemical Composition: SiO2
Botswana Agate is a perfect stone for toddlers and infants. Also this stone makes labour pains bearable during the delivery and protects mother and new-born. Use Botswana Agate in case of fevers and childhood illnesses, promotes physical and mental growth of babies and small children, enlightens the mind and promotes the intake of new impressions and prevents intellectual overload therefore it's an excellent help when studying.
Also see: Agate.

bronzite Bronzite
Chemical Composition: (Mg,Fe)2(SiO3)2
Bronzite protects its wearer against cysts throughout the body, but especially in the brain. This stone also makes sure that the brain receives sufficient oxygen. bronzite protects against muscular cramps, sciatica and lumbago. bronzite stimulates love and actions, and this stone also protects against depression and anguish.

Medical Disclaimer

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