Gemstone Care

There are many different ways to take care of your gemstones and minerals, on this page I will talk about cleaning (gem)stones and minerals. On the next pages you will be able to read how to cleanse, recharge and program stones.

Before you clean, cleanse, recharge and program your gemstones and minerals you have to ask yourself the following questions. What is the hardness of this stone? What is its chemical composition? Can this stone be cleansed with water? What is my intention with this stone?

What do these questions have to do with cleaning gemstones and minerals? The answer to that is simple. The hardness of the stone has to do with the way you chose to clean the stone, if you are dealing with a stone that has a lesser hardness, there are some things you should not use.

Because most books on gemstones tell you to clean your stones with water, there are people that choose to use water on stones like Selenite, Desert Roses and Maria Glass, and since these stones are varieties of Gypsum, this is not the most suited solution. Gypsum becomes limp in water. Halite is also one of those stones that you shouldn't clean with water, Halite is natural Salt and Salt dissolves into water. Next to these stones there are more stones that are 'allergic' to water, for instance the stone Magnetite. Magnetite consists of Iron, and this metal starts to oxidise when it comes into contact with water. This is one of the reasons why you should be aware of the chemical composition of the stone that you wish to cleanse.

It is important to clean your stones and minerals before you start using them, especially if you wish to use them for a special purpose. There are no set rules for cleaning and charging gemstones and minerals.

Some people choose to clean their new stones, crystals with warm water and a detergent. Here should also be noted that some stones cannot come into contact with water, and others, especially porous stones, are very sensitive to detergents. Others may choose to bury their new stones in dry sea salt. This also raises some objections because sea salt may harm the stone. If you do choose to use sea salt, through the salt out after you've used it.

When you decide to clean your stones with water, make sure that the water is not too hot, lukewarm or cold water is most suited. If the water is too hot you can damage the stone, it may fall into pieces. You can also clean your new stone in the water of the sea, or another natural stream like a river or a brook. But for most people who live in the city this may not be the most practical way, and the water that comes out of your faucet can also prove to be very helpful with this task. While you hold the stone under water, concentrate all your attention to the washing away of unwanted energy and the preservation of the powers you wish to use.

Another effective way to clean your stones on the spiritual level is by visualisation. Take the stone into your receiving hand and visualise that you are washing all negative influences away, and to preserve the positive powers of the stone. You may also visualise how a stream of healing energy enters the stone and changes all negativity into positive and healing energies. After this cleaning your stone is ready to be used. When you have a specific purpose in mind, whether it is for healing or magic, you may choose to program the stone.

Cleansing Gemstones & Minerals

When you wear your stones constantly it is necessary to cleanse the stone once a month. In most books you are told that this should be done during the Full Moon. Personally I don't believe in that, some stones work well on the energies of the Full Moon, and others don't. I, myself, cleanse my stones in the night prior to the New Moon, my logic is the following: I compare the Full Moon to a full battery, and when you place a stone next to a full battery it will not cleanse, it will recharge… For me the solution is easy: you cleanse the stone when the Moon is 'empty', and you recharge it when the moon is waxing and slowly takes on her full form again.

To cleanse a stone you can put the stone in a cup of water for twenty-four hours, this of course is only suited for stones that are not 'allergic' to water. Place only one kind of stone in a cup of water, not several, or various stones.

A more intensive method to cleanse your stones is the following: bury the stone in a bowl with earth (from your garden or the kind you use to transplant plants), do not put a stone in a pot with a plant, because plants are also sensitive to negative energies that have been absorbed by gemstones and minerals. While you bury the stone you say the following words, or something along these lines: The Force of the Earth buries the negativity.

After one day you get the stone back from the earth and blow softly on the stone while you visualise all negative energies flowing out of the stone. You may also put the stone in the smoke of incense, Sandalwood and Sage are extremely suited for this. Say the following words: The Force of Air blows all negative energy away.

After this you pull the stone through a flame of a candle, except Amber, Celestite, Jet and other stones that may burn. For these stones you may also visualise the fire. While you cleanse the stone by the force of fire you say the following words: The Force of Fire burns away the negativity.

To complete the ritual, you have used 3 of the 4 elements to cleanse your stone, you hold the stone under lukewarm water for five minutes, or use mineral water. While you do this you say the following words: The Force of Water washes away all negative energy.

The circle is now complete and you have used all four elements to cleanse the stone.

Charging Gemstones & Minerals

To consequently recharge the stone, again there are a few possibilities.

According to some you should charge your stones outside in the open air, but again there are no rules set in stone for this.

Put the stone in a place where it cannot be disturbed or touched by everyone that passes by, on the windowsill, or on your altar. Just make sure that the stone will not by touched by everyone. You may choose to charge your stone in sunlight or moonlight, the choice is yours! Some stones, like Charoite for example, are most suited for charging in sunlight.

If you decide to charge your stones in the sunlight, please remember that some stones discolour in direct sunlight and need protection!

Another thing that you should take into account when you charge stones is the purpose for which you intend to use the stone. The sun will charge the stone with soothing, calming, soft and warm energies while the various phases of the moon may give you another result.

Waxing Moon:The energies of the waxing moon are suited for new projects, new relations and to plant new 'seeds'.
Full Moon:The Full Moon is the symbol of positive magic, blessing, creativity, healing and reinforcement.
Waning Moon:The energies of the waning moon are connected to get rid of bad habits, negative thoughts and to build down things, to purge yourself from all negativity from the outside world, but also from within yourself.
New Moon:The New Moon is the time of death, a time to stop and look inside yourself and to realise that you can always start again, no matter what happened to you. It is the time to halt an illness or a pattern of thoughts and give it a positive spin.

You may also choose to charge your gemstones on a Clear Crystal Quartz cluster or an Amethyst cluster, this can be done during a day or a night, also related to the energies of the sun and the moon and the intention for use of the stone.

Now your stone is ready for use again.

You may now start wearing the stone again or put it aside until you will use the stone.

When you intend to use the stone for a specific magical goal, I strongly recommend you apply a program into the stone.

As I have mentioned before, there are no set rules for cleaning, cleansing and recharging gemstones and minerals. Use your own intuition when you do, or hold on to the things I have written down here as a guideline.

The choice is up to you!

Storing Gemstones & Minerals

There are various ways to store your gemstones and minerals. If you think you need to use a specific stone any time soon, or when the stone is in use, the windowsill is an excellent place to store your gemstones. The advantage here is that the stones will be strengthened and charged by the energies of the sun and moon. Whenever you store your gemstones and minerals keep in mind that stones that have been programmed for healing, whether it be long distance or not, should not be touched by others, for that way the program will be lost. Make sure that you keep these stones out of reach from children and nosy grownups.