Healing & Magickal Properties of Gemstones C-F

Blue Calcite Calcite
Chemical Composition: CaCo3
Because of the presence of calcium in this stone, Calcite has a tremendous influence on bones and teeth, protects man against breaking bones and osteoporosis. Against bandy-legs and knock kneed legs.
This property is present in all Calcites, but of course every color has its own healing properties:
Blue Calcite
Placed underneath a pillow Blue Calcite protects against evil spirits, enemies in the night and fires and lightning strikes. Blue Calcite has a heals ailments of the throat, against goiter and thyroid diseases. Place a Blue Calcite between two blue candles in healing rituals.
Green Calcite
Use in case of arrhythmia and diseases of the heart, low blood pressure. Diminishes fear. This stone can be used in rituals and spells to attract money and prosperity.
Honeycoloured Calcite
Use for elixirs and mineral baths. This stone enhances the healing properties of all other Calcites.
Orange Calcite
A Sunstone that gives one energy! Against split ends and fragile nails. Use in case of ulcers, diseases of the kidneys and spleen. Place an Orange Calcite under your pillow to prevent nightmares.
Pink Calcite
Works on the metabolism and regulates the enzymes of the bodily fluids. Gives joy and contentment. Because this stone is pink it can be used in love spells.
White Calcite
Use as a focus point for meditations and for spiritual rituals.
Also see: Iceland Spar.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Carnelian Carnelian strengthens the nervous system, eases pains of the joints, lowers fevers, use in case of low blood pressure, against stubbornness. This stone promotes warmth and positivity, keeps nightmares away and promotes good dreams, courage, perseverance and strength. Use in case of infections, diabetes, blood poisoning, wounds and sores, for the blood circulation, protects against storms and lightning and regulates the weight; wear a Carnelian to prevent others from reading your mind and thoughts. Carnelian strengthens the voice and is a great help when you have to speak in public.

Chemical Composition: Sr(SO4)
Celestite A great stone to use after operations, Celestite will help heal wounds so they will close without hardly leaving a scar. Celestite works on the throat area, especially on the thyroid function. Against fears, phobias and makes the bond between mind, body and soul stronger. This stone binds us to the earth and gives us love for the earth and the people and animals that live on it. Also this stone makes one eloquent.
Also known as Celestine.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Chalcedony If Chalcedony touches bodily fluids that are sick this stone will change color. Chalcedony stops bleeding and heals wounds. Protects against strokes and poisoning, comforts, puts one at ease after over-exertion, heals chilblained hands and -feet, strengthens the bond between mother and child, for pregnancy, promotes flexibility, helps scientific work, makes one eloquent and against stuttering, against anger, harmonizes, puts one at ease, regulates the metabolism through the thyroid, helps one to quit smoking, helps reaching goals, for eyes, against gall stones, for skin, heart, blood circulation, lungs, spleen, against depression, irritability, negativity and nightmares. Wear a Chalcedony arrow to attract good luck.

Chemical Composition: (KSrBa)(CaNa)2(SiAl)4O10(OHF)
Charoite Charoite is a stone full of extreme powers, this stone hasn't been known for a long time in the Western world because Charoite is only found in Siberia.
Charoite stabilizes the immune system and strengthens the human defences against disease. Sooths the central nervous system. Against infections and strengthens the family bonds and protects against evil forces. Protects against all kinds of radiation. Against phobias and irrational fears.

Chiastolite Chemical Composition: Al2SiO5
In the past this variety of Andalusite was used to dispel the 'evil eye', because of the cross on the stone it is seen as a sign of God and is given religious and spiritual significance. The energies of Chiastolite harmonize and teach mankind to accept their mortality. Next to that this stone is used in astral travel and helps its wearer work through important changes. Chiastolite lessens fevers and stimulates blood circulation. This stone can be used to prevent illnesses of the bones, like rachitis, and should be worn during pregnancy. Next to that Chiastolite lessens gout and nerve paralysis and beneficially influences the central nervous system.

Chemical Composition: Al2BeO4
Chrysoberyl Chrysoberyl is used for ailments of the eyes, especially nearsightedness. Wash your eyes with an Chrysoberyl water if your eyes are tired or if you have pink eye or an eye infection. Chrysoberyl water also heals asthmatic problems, throat infections and laryngitis. Against ailments of the colon and ulcers.
Use Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye in case of glaucoma and cataract, inflammations of the connective tissue and it brings harmony into your family life, also with friends and colleagues.
Also see: Alexandrite.

Chemical Composition: Cu4H4[(OH)8/Si4O10]
Chrysocolla Promotes kindness and tolerance, against back aches, cramps and depressions, trust giving, helps work through experiences and utter them, balances emotions. Calms the nerves, lowers fevers, sooths throat aches, use in case of burns and thyroid diseases, it will balance your metabolism, use in case of menstrual problems. Harmonizes intense emotions and temper tantrums. Promotes sensitivity, kindness and tolerance and strengthens intuition. Use in case arthritis, sores, rheumatism,, osteoporosis, strengthens heart, lungs, bone marrow, promotes solving problems. A protective stone, against negative influences. This green stone can be used for love spells. Place a Chrysocolla in a small red or pink vase. Fill the vase half full of water and place three red roses in the vase. Replace the roses if necessary and love will soon enter your life.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Chrysoprase Stabilizes blood pressure, strengthens eyes and the heart, makes one practical and balanced. Eases childbirth. Chrysoprase cleans the arteries, use in case of blood circulation problems, angina pectoris, this is an excellent stone to use after bypass surgery. A protective stone for people that are overweight and heavy smokers. Use Chrysoprase water when you have prostate problems or problems with ovaries. This stone gives its wearer rest and fidelity. Chrysoprase is a stone that attracts good luck, makes one eloquent and attracts success in business and good friends. Wear a Chrysoprase to protect yourself against negativity.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Citrine Makes one happy, against fatigue, strengthens self confidence, use in case of fear of exams. Helps one cope with mental exertion. Promotes a positive outlook. For glands, diabetes, appendix, colon, liver, kidneys, immune system, gall bladder, heart and blood circulation, muscles, and mood swings, gives one self esteem and clarity. Promotes positivity and clear thoughts. Against depression, melancholy and stimulates the mind and soul if you can't detach from grief and anxiety. Citrine gives one an intellectual control of ones emotional life. Also Citrine enhances spiritual powers.

Clear Crystal Quartz
Chemical Composition: SiO2
Clear Crystal Quartz Clear Crystal Quartz stops bleeding and diarrhea. Against back aches, menstrual problems, depression and problems related to menopause, gives confidence. Quenches thirst, cleans the body after illness, for skin, gives energy. Use in case of car and sea sickness, dizziness, against fear, diseases of the glands, fever, poisoning, gout, yellow fever, ailments of kidneys, bad dreams. Use in case of athletic injuries, prevents strokes and addiction. Good for the heart, lymph nodes, lungs, blood circulation, metabolism and colon. Against leukemia and hormonal problems. Use in case of suppurating wounds, inflammation of the bone marrow, abscesses on tonsils and all sorts of fistulae. Lung diseases, tuberculosis and all ailments of the airways. Relieves pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism, against high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Use in case of morning sickness and for nursing mothers. Clear Crystal Quartz helps one to enhance ones intuitive insights.
Place to pieces of Clear Crystal Quartz on your altar as a symbol of the Goddess and the God. Some people place a natural crystal as a symbol of the God and a crystal sphere as a symbol of the Goddess.

Chemical Composition: CaC03
Coral Coral has a positive influence on the thyroid function, both hyper and hypo function can be stabilized by wearing a piece of red Coral on the throat. Use in case of colic, against infertility, protects against disease. Use in case of anemia, for a healthy bladder function. Geriatric ailments and works positively. Coral helps in case of depression and narcolepsy. Against colon problems, constipation, tooth decay and works positive in case of osteoporosis and promotes the healing of bones. Regulates the pancreatic function and spleen, against hardening of the arteries. In the Renaissance Coral was used to help the teething of babies, usually children of rich families received a Coral teething ring. Coral is used as a protective amulet. It is used against the evil eye, demons, furies, succubi, incubi and phantasma. It guards against accidents, acts of violence, poison, theft, possession and sterility.
Coral is a natural product, they are the skeletal remains of small creatures that inhabit the seas. In many countries it is forbidden to export Corals. Don't buy Coral just to have a piece; if you need a piece of Coral for your health, try to get a piece that has washed upon the shores, instead of a piece that has been harvested. And if you happen to find a piece that has just washed up on the beach, you are a lucky person and cherish this magical piece of Coral!
Meerschaum Meerschaum:
Blue Foam Coral positively influences the throat chakra, it will open the communication channels in this area. Next to that it also heals sore throats, hoarseness and tonsillitis. This blue Coral also holds a positive influence over the blood pressure, especially those that suffer from low blood pressure will benefit tremendously from wearing this stone.

Chemical Composition: CaB2Si2O8
Danburite Danburite is a gemstone that sends out very high vibrations and may be used to stimulate the crown and third eye chakras, and also to cleanse and stimulate the chakras in the etheric body. This stone stimulates lucid dreaming and also stimulates the intellect. On the physical level Danburite may be used to heal diseases of the gall bladder and the liver and also to remove toxins from the body.

Desert Rose
Chemical Composition: CaSO4 + 2H2O
Desert Rose The Desert Rose is a variety of Gypsum and positively influences the reproductive organs, and also oedema may be cured when one wears this mineral. Desert Roses stimulate the metabolism, the stomach and intestine function and also the vegetative nervous system is positively influenced by this mineral. The Desert Rose stimulates vitality and creativity. Please note! A note is in order. Never try to cleanse this stone with water! Because the Desert Rose is a Gypsum variety, this may harm the stone!! Also one should be careful with this stone, because of its scanty hardness it can easily be scratched.

Chemical Composition: C
Diamond For eyes, blood plasma, against blood poisoning, epilepsy, helps in case of poisoning and for concentration, brain, pituitary gland, blood circulation, cartilage, throat, skull, shoulders, reproductive organs and vitality, against gout, yellow fever, addictions, fear, insecurity and jealousy. Diamond is used as a meditation stone, this stone enhances spirituality and is seen as the highest form of transformation because Diamond consists of pure carbon, a substance that also makes up coal. Diamond is the embodiment of peace and cures insomnia and nightmares.

Diopsite or Diopside
Chemical Composition: CaMgSi2O6
Diopsite Diopsite strengthens the intellect and teaches us to respect others, next to that Diopsite is suited for those that keep all their emotions bottled up inside, for it teaches us that crying from time to time relieves and is not a sign of weakness. Stressed pets also benefit from wearing this stone. Green Diopsite heals all kidney and urinary tract problems, but may also be used to heal tuberculosis. Black Diopsite strengthens the blood and may be used as a therapy stone for leukaemia. This stone also harmonises the vitamin C intake into the body and makes sure that you will not suffer from bleeding gums or scurvy.

Chemical Composition: Cu3(SiO3)6 + 6H2O
Dioptase Dioptase positively influences the reproductive organs, it even heals sexual transmitted diseases, but should not be worn as the only remedy against these kinds of illnesses. In cases like these it is better to prevent than to heal! If you have been infected with the HIV virus, this stone can prove to be very helpful for you. Even though it will not make the infection go away, you will feel better by wearing this stone. This stone may be worn to diminish and heal potency problems. Dioptase will also protect you against allergic and chronic ailments of the throat, nose and lungs. Dioptase is an excellent healer of migraines, headaches and other pain. It may be worn after operations to diminish pain and you will be up and about sooner. Dioptase can be used to cleanse the chakra system, but also to stimulate the chakras to bring you to the highest level of consciousness. Dioptase also balances the yin and yang energies of its wearer.

Dolomite Dolomite
Chemical Composition: CaMg(CO3)2
Use Dolomite for ailments of the skin and joints. For pancreas, thyroid and ovaries, use in case of allergies. White Dolomite helps aggressive people to cope with temper tantrums and mood swings.

Dumortierite Dumortierite
Chemical Composition: (Al,Fe)7[O3/BO3/(SiO4)3]
Dumortierite strengthens the bond with the environment, is a good meditation stone. Protects children against infections that are accompanied by fever. Against head aches, neuralgia and neuritis.

Chemical Composition: Al2Be3[Si6O18]
Emerald Emerald helps one to see ones spiritual life clearly and go ones own way. This stone is capable of healing mental and spiritual wounds and gives positive energy so one can function in a normal manner. Emerald attracts abundance and wealth. Promotes loyalty to ones partner and protects during travel. Emerald strengthens the memory and mind, against epilepsy, bad dreams and insomnia, for eyesight, against glaucoma and cataract. For kidneys and liver, use in case of ear aches and head aches, hemorrhoids, gives one a young appearance, against malaria and flu, makes one eloquent, for pancreas, blood circulation, blood pressure, nervous system and metabolism. Diminishes fears, dejection, over-sensitivity and irritability and gives one inner peace. Emerald can be used in love spells, and is often used in business spells. For the best results, the old magicians recorded, an Emerald should be set in silver or copper.
Also see: Beryl.

Epidote Chemical Composition: Ca2(Fe,Al)Al2
Epidote is a stone that teaches us to focus on the outside world and also teaches us understanding, it stimulates interactions with others and teaches one to be less critical. Epidote may also use to heal and diminish ailments of the thyroid and brain. Next to that Epidote relieves coughing and dissolves phlegm.

Falcon's Eye
Chemical Composition: SiO2
Falcon's Eye Falcon's Eye protects its wearer against the evil eye and demons. The stone 'points out' the person that is trying to steal something in one way or an other. Place seven pieces of Falcon's Eye near your cash register or a place where you hide your valuables; the culprit shall make himself known to you in one way or another. Helps breathing techniques, enhances will power and self confidence, protects against negativity. Cools anger, rage and aggressive behavior.

Chemical Composition: various
There are various varieties of Feldspar, the most well known are: Amazonite, Labradorite (and Spectrolite), Moonstone (and Adular) and Sunstone. Feldspar may be used to acquire and contact intergalactic knowledge, and also to develop intergalactic communication. For the properties of the various varieties of Feldspar I would like to ask you to read the description of the variety.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Flint In the past Flints were used to protect one against the magic of elves and faeries, and small pieces of Flint were placed in the house to protect it against lightning because this stone was/is sacred to the God Thor (or Donar). The healing powers of the Flint concentrate on the hormones, the kidneys and the nerves. It protects its wearer against inflammations and infections of the kidneys and the urinary tract. Also all endocrine glands that produce the hormones are strengthened by wearing this stone. Depressions are diminished and it helps its wearer through extremely stressed situations. Flint also relieves shyness.

Chemical Composition: KCa4F(Si4O10)+8H2O
Fluorite Fluorite promotes creative thinking and lifts the mind. This stone gives rest and helps in case of disturbances in the brainwaves, enhances concentration, clears the mind and environment, inner peace and quiet, helps fulfill wishes, promotes love for others and total love. Promotes joy, this is the stone of the future and is suited for spiritually highly developed people. A protection stone. Use in case of arthritis, infections, flu, the early stages of cancer, lungs, liver, Down's syndrome, for ears, skeleton and viral infections, sexual problems and all sorts of fears, strengthens teeth and bones, for spleen and veins.

Medical Disclaimer

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