Choosing your Gemstones

How do you go about choosing your gemstones? Of course this is a very personal 'operation', but you can hold on to a few guidelines.

Your most important guideline while choosing gemstones and minerals is your own intuition, don't rely on the written texts from a book to make your choice. A book, however, is a good guide for orientation and look at the pictures in the book to see which stone appeals to you. When you are ready to gemstone shopping you have to be convinced that the stone feels good to you before you buy it. You may feel it by holding the stone in your hand and connecting to the vibrations and energies of the stone. A soft tingling sensation in the palm of your hand is a good sign. It is also possible that you start feeling nauseous or dizzy when you are holding a stone in your hands. Whenever you get these kinds of feelings from a stone I would not recommend you'd buy it. Sometimes a certain stone just grabs your attention and you just have to have it. I cannot describe how many times I've come home with a stone that I clearly needed at that point in time without knowing it. The colour of the stone just appealed to me and for some strange reason I had to buy it… later on, when I picked up my books it became clear that the stone healed a certain disorder that reoccurred in my life at that point in time. May it be clear that intuition and 'gut feeling' are your best guides.

If you are afraid to trust your instincts and intuition there are a few other methods to help you choose the right gemstone, by using a pendulum, or the following: Make a list with complaints for which you would like to purchase a gemstone. Then find the gemstones that can heal your complaints in a book and write these down as well. Take your list to a gemstone shop with you. Find the gemstones that are on your list and place them side by side on the counter or table and brush your hand over them. Gently touch the stone and continue to the next stone and do the same. You may notice that the stone that is most suited for you acts like a magnet, and sort of 'sticks' to your hand.

And again if this does not work for you there is another option. A muscle strength test (similar to Touch for Health), but you will need a second person for this. For this test you put your left hand on the Solar Plexus and place your feet firmly on the ground. Then you stretch your right arm sideways. Take a stone in your right hand and have someone push the hand downward, if the stone is suited for you this will not be possible to do!

Making your choice with a pendulum

Another method to help you make a choice when you are picking out stones that you wish to purchase, or choose from your own collection, is using a pendulum. For this you will need a metal pendulum, i.e. brass is suited for this. The reason for this is the following: all gemstones vibrate to a certain frequency and if you would use a pendulum that is made out of a certain stone, the vibrations of the stones, that you are trying to connect to, could be disturbed by the vibration of the pendulum and the results will not be reliable. But as you may know, it is possible to use anything as a pendulum, even a shoe, as long as you can hold it up by the shoe laces.

Take the pendulum in your hand and hold it loosely between your index finger and thumb, keep your wrist relaxed, make sure that you don't cling on to the pendulum too tightly and try to be relaxed. It may be useful to place your elbow on the table so the pendulum won't be influenced by sudden movements. Before you start you will have to determine which movement means 'yes' and which movement means 'no'. Breath calmly and connect to your higher self while you ask the pendulum to show you the movement that signifies 'yes'. The motion that is given by the pendulum will signify yes for you, this can actually vary per pendulum! Once you have established the 'yes' motion, ask the pendulum to stop the movement and once it is entirely still you may ask the pendulum to show you the movement that signifies 'no'. You can also add to your 'collection' of answers by asking which motions signify 'maybe' and 'I don't know'.

Place a few stones that you have chosen because of their colour and healing powers on the table and touch them one by one while asking the pendulum if this stone is suited for your specific problem. Make notes of the movements the pendulum makes while you ask the questions and continue by doing this for every stone on the table. It is possible that you will receive more than one 'yes' answer, but it is also possible that none of the stones is suited for you.

When you receive more than one 'yes' on your question, you will have to specify your questions, i.e. you have high blood pressure and you got the 'yes' motion for the following stones: Lapis Lazuli and Chrysocolla. You will now have to figure out which stone is most suited for you. Take both stones in your hand and ask if it is possible to wear them together. If the answer is 'no' you will now have to find out which stone should be worn first. If the answer is 'yes', you know what to do. Good luck!