The Magic of Colours

Colours therapeutically influence the body; and the healing power of colours has been used for thousands of years. Throughout centuries various civilisations experimented with colours, which resulted in the knowledge that we have today. Scrolls of papyrus, dating back to 1550 BCE, have been found in Egypt, which describe colour therapies. Over the course of many years a lot of the knowledge of chromatherapy ('chromos' is the Greek word for colour) has been forgotten, but fortunately the healing powers of colours are back in use in this day and age.

What exactly is colour? Simply said it is light of various wavelengths and frequencies, and light is a form of energy that consists of photons. The spectrum of colours is the only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye.

We normally break down colours into three categories: the primary colours; these are the colours red, yellow and blue, the secondary colours; colours that are created by a combination of the primary colours, and the tertiary colours; these colours are created by combining the primary and secondary colours.

As said before, all colours of the spectrum have their own wavelength and frequency, this is measured by units per second, and these frequencies and wavelengths have a corresponding point in the human body. These corresponding points in the human body are better known as chakras.

The Chakra Colours

Below you will find a short description of the chakra colours and their healing and magical properties, starting with the Crown Chakra:


Purple is the colour of the Crown Chakra, it is the colour that is connected to the mind, artistic work, wisdom, love, change, mysticism, alchemy, spiritual development and reincarnation. In colour therapy the colour purple is used to treat illnesses that are on the nervous and emotional level, purple is used in case of arthritis, insomnia and headaches, and especially migraines benefit from treatment with the colour purple. But also for the treatment of tumours is purple a good colour. Purple has antiseptic properties, in other words it cleanses the body on a physical and spiritual level. In magic the colour purple is used for healing, protection, the development of clearvoyance, psychic powers, the calling of the Deities and astral projection.


Indigo is the colour of the Brow Chakra, that is also called the Third Eye Chakra. Indigo reminds us of the night sky and it is the symbol of spiritual knowledge, inner communication, perseverance and the ability to listen and intuitive healing. In the chromatherapy the colour indigo is used to strengthen the immune system and the lymph system, to cleanse and detoxify the blood and to detoxify the body. This colour also heals an overactive thyroid and headaches. Indigo has a sedative effect and therefore an 'overdose' of indigo can lead to depression. In magic indigo can be used to cleanse the body while taking a bath or shower prior to a ritual.


Blue is the colour that is connected to the Throat Chakra, it reminds us of the sky, the seas and lakes, this colour is the symbol of communication, infinity, peace, inspiration, rest, eternity, truth, hope, dreams and imagination. This colour is used in colour therapy to diminish inflammations, it is also to stimulate vitality, lower the blood pressure and also to lessen pain. It is used to heal problems of the bronchial tract, throat complaints, an under active thyroid, rheumatism and yellow fever. Blue is used in magic for healing, creativity, astral projection, prophetic dreams, wisdom and to increase ones intuition.


Green is the colour of the Heart Chakra, it is the colour of growth, friendship, hope, love, spiritual equilibrium, faith and peace. In the chromatherapy green is used for heart problems, malaria, balancing the blood pressure, headache, exhaustion, and eye problems. In magic green is used to attract luck, money and abundance, but also for healing and fertility, and to enhance empathy and intuition.


Yellow is the colour that is connected to the Solar Plexus, it is a protective colour, but also the symbol of warmth, joy and wisdom. In colour therapy the colour yellow is used to stimulate the brain, break through mental blockages, yellow is a laxative and diuretic. It is used in case of depression, diabetes, impotence, bladder problems, diseases of the kidneys, gallbladder and liver . This colour gives one courage and self confidence. In magic yellow is used for divination, attraction, astral projection and to enhance spiritual wisdom and power.


Orange is the colour of the Sexual Chakra, it is a warming colour and orange is the symbol of movement, joy, wisdom, life force, healing and vitality. In chromatherapy orange is used for complaints connected with the spleen, pancreas, thyroid, intestines and also for gall and kidney stones, hernia and appendicitis. It is also used for emotional problems, depressions, multiple sclerosis and bronchial tract complaints. In magic the colour orange is used for attraction, vitality, success, ambition, luck, money magic and attracting justice.


Red is the colour that is connected to the Root chakra, it is the colour of life's force, it is also the colour of our blood. Red is a stimulating and energizing colour, it is the symbol of deeds, warmth, fire and rage. In the colour therapy red is used to stimulate the circulation, it is also used in case of low blood pressure, hypothermia, muscle aches, anemia and tuberculosis. Red stimulates deeper emotions like love, hate, courage, sex and revenge, too much red can aggravate conditions. In magic red is used to attract love and passion, but also for strength, protection, healing and courage.

Other Colours


Brown is a colour, which reminds us of the fertile soil. It symbolises ascetics, and this is why many monks wear brown robes. Brown is mostly seen as a protective colour, which stands for everything that's certain, stable and realistic. Even though brown isn't used regularly in chroma-therapy, it is definitely a colour we should forget when we are healing others. Brown may be used to treat mental disorders.


Gold is the colour of universal love and transforms knowledge into understanding. It is the symbol of generosity and noble-mindedness. Gold is an important colour in the colour therapy. It is a strong stabiliser for the immune system and it is the strongest colour in the treatment of various diseases. It can be too strong for some people and it is imperative they are gradually introduced to the colour gold.


Lavender combines the healing properties of white and purple, and because of this, it is a spiritual colour. This colour is associated with virtue, diligence and recognition. In colour therapy, lavender is used to heal problems of the equilibrium and to heal on the spiritual level. Lavender may also be used to treat insomnia. An 'overdose' of lavender can cause a feeling of fatigue and disorientation.


Pink combines the healing properties of white and red. White symbolises spirituality and red stands for energy. Pink is associated with innocence and love, especially romantic love. In chroma-therapy, pink is used to relax patients and to give them warmth. Pink may also be used to heal emotional problems and is an important colour in the treatment of these problems.


Turquoise is a mix of green and blue, one of the coolest colours of the spectre of colours. Since the beginning of time, this colour was believed to protect its wearer against bad influences. It is a colour of friendship as well. In colour therapy, turquoise is used to stimulate spontaneity and imagination. It is a colour that makes one more stable and it may be used to treat problems of the respiratory system and blood circulation. Turquoise revitalises the body and cleanses it as well, it is most suited to treat ailments of the skin and acute pain attacks.


White is usually seen as a non-colour. It is the symbol of purity, unity, enlightenment and knowledge. Next to that, white is the colour of rebirth and initiation rites. In chroma-therapy, white is used to purify the entire body. White is also a strong painkiller. When you are not sure which colour to use in the colour therapy, you can always use white.


Silver can be seen as a mix of black and white, it is the colour of the moon. Silver is the colour of peace and perseverance. Silver and some greys may be used to enhance the effects of other colours in colour therapy.


Just like white, black is often seen as a non-colour, this colour contains the entire spectre of colours. Black is a protective and grounding colour. It is the colour of strength as well. In our western world, black is the symbol of sadness, death, hopelessness, and passivity. In Asia, black is seen as the symbol of the universe and rebirth. Black is hardly used in colour therapy, even though it is a colour that can enhance the energies of other colours. Black is a colour that gives us room to think, to ground and can be used to calm extremely sensitive people. Black can enhance emotional and mental problems.