February's Birthstone: Amethyst

The February born shall find,
Sincerity and peace of mind,
Freedom from passion and from care,
If they the Amethyst will wear

Amethyst is a part of the Quartz group and the Oxide Family. Its chemical composition is SiO2 with impurities of Manganese and/or Iron that caused its beautiful purple colour. Amethyst is built up out of strings of silicium tetrahedrons, that are either right handed or left handed. In rare cases the crystals will turn both ways.

Amethyst's colour varies from a pale violet to white to dark purple. The stone is transparent to translucent.

The name Amethyst is derived from the Greek 'a methystos' which means not drunk. The naming of this stone is also associated with a Greek legend about a nymph that was transformed into a stone by the Goddess Artemis.

Amethyst's history is as rich as the Old Egyptian graves where it also has been found. The Ancient Egyptians adorned their dead with this beautiful and regal stone, and they sealed their documents with Amethyst as well. The Ancient Greeks wore Amethyst to please the Goddess Artemis and to protect themselves against evil. But this stone was not just valued in ancient times, in the Middle Ages and the centuries that follow Amethyst remained one of the most popular stones from the Mineral Kingdom. At a certain point in time the demand for Amethysts made this gemstone scarce and almost as valuable as Diamonds. In the British Crown Jewels the Amethyst can be found, but also Catherine the Great of Russia loved this stone. In the Roman Catholic Church the Amethyst is also found in abundance. It is the stone worn by the Pope and the bishops as a representation of their charity. Another explanation for the use of Amethyst in the Catholic Church could be the following; this stone promotes chastity, ergo celibacy. But Amethyst is also the stone of Saint Valentine and gives its wearer marital bliss. Leonardo da Vinci praised Amethysts for the fact that it dispels evil thoughts and also because it sharpens the intellect.

Amethyst is an excellent stone for those that suffer from depressions, mood swings, hallucinations and mental illness. But also when one suffers from extreme fears, traumas and neuroses Amethyst can bring relief. One of its most well known properties is that Amethyst can cure alcoholism. And not just that, this stone can help anyone that has addiction and/or displays destructive behaviour. Amethyst strengthens its wearers will power and helps conquer all bad habits. So if you wish to quit smoking Amethyst can provide a lot of help. Also this stone mellows all extreme emotions like jealousy, hate, selfishness, a bad temper and also extreme passion. Amethyst calms those that suffer from stress, and also it soothes restlessness and stage fright. Complete and utter exhaustion and too much mental exertion can be calmed by Amethyst.

In my opinion Amethyst is a stone that should be in everyone's gemstone pharmacy or first aid box, its pain relieving properties can be used by everyone from time to time. Next to that this stone soothes the itching derived from mosquito and tick bites. Amethyst also strengthens the immune system and protects its wearer against the common cold and the flu. Amethyst also promotes recovery after illness. When you suffer from insomnia place an Amethyst underneath your pillow, unless it is filled with synthetic materials, or place an Amethyst geode on your night stand. For full relaxation you can also take a bath with Amethyst water before you go to bed. This can be altered with taking a bath with lavender oil while burning a lavender scented candle surrounded by Amethysts to release all the stress you have built up during the day which will promote night rest. An Amethyst placed in your bedroom will send off calming energies and will make sure you won't have nightmares or restless dreams. This stone can promote prophetic dreams and visions.

Next to that Amethyst will also make sure that you do not oversleep and that you have the strength to get up in the morning. Amethyst dispels all kinds of negative radiation, like radon, x-ray and earth radiation. Also Amethyst gives its wearer courage, strength, flexibility, vitality, openness and sharpens the mind.

Amethyst harmonises both the left and right brain and stimulates the absorption and implementation of new knowledge and information. Because of this property this stone is suited for children that go to school, they could wear the stone on a chain on the skin or in their book case or pocket. But this is not the only property that makes the Amethyst a stone for children. It makes sure that children can digest impressions and difficult situations, like failing a grade or divorce or death in the family or close to them.

Amethyst is suited for epileptics because it diminishes attacks. Also when one suffers from headaches, whether they are migraines or stress related, Amethyst brings relief because it breaks down the tension in the shoulders and neck. In case of pain, hold an Amethyst over the painful spot for about twenty minutes. Amethyst positively influences the hormones and the endocrine glands in the body, especially the pineal gland, thymus and pancreas. This is why this stone is suited for those that suffer from diabetes, but please take into account that every swing in the glucose levels can cause complications if you do not adjust your insuline intake! One should be cautious and experimenting with blood sugar levels can be dangerous!! Amethyst stabilises the blood pressure and can be worn in case of high blood pressure as well as low blood pressure. This beautiful purple stone purifies the blood and can be used to heal all ailments of the blood just like problems with the veins. Skin impurities and illnesses can be healed by using Amethyst elixir or Amethyst water as a lotion or as a 'soap'. You can cure rough skin, but also eczema, herpes simplex and acne this way. Amethyst relieves burning eyes and strengthens the hearing. Because of its cleansing nature Amethyst is suited for those that wish to lose some weight. Use in case of anaemia, paleness, painful menstruation and venereal diseases.

Amethyst protects it wearer against thieves, astral attacks and negativity. On journeys Amethyst is also a good protector. Amethyst deepens meditation and also when you have problems meditating this stone can help. It is a stone of spiritual growth, it strengthens intuition, psychic abilities and sharpens the sixth sense. Amethyst is also used in channeling and visualisation, in divination Amethyst gives more clarity in reading the signs. This is why a lot of people put an Amethyst in the box or place where they keep their Tarot cards, Rune stones or other divinatory tools. In magic Amethyst is used to attract healing, love magic and attracting money and riches.

Medical Disclaimer

Although gemstones can help the healing process, we would like to stress that if you have severe and persistent complaints you should consult your G.P. or specialist! Gemstone therapy cannot replace medication. The remedies listed on this website are given as information, not as prescriptions or medical advice and GemstoneDeva.com cannot be held responsible for your choice to use gemstones instead of consulting a specialist or G.P. Should you choose to use a natural method or gemstone therapy for treating your ailments, the legal responsibility is your own.