Healing & Magickal Properties of Gemstones G-J

Chemical Composition:Fe3Al2(SiO4)3
Garnet When a Garnet is obtained unlawfully, the stone will curse its wearer until it is returned to its rightful owner. Gives willpower and perseverance, strengthens the ego. Not suitable for hot tempered or stressed people. A great stone for those who suffer from depressions, intestinal problems and heart problems. Against infections, especially those that occur in combination with skin disorders. Improves imagination, self esteem and success. Makes one see clearer, shows hidden places and treasures, fights evil and protects against impure thoughts. Use in cases of anemia, herpes, infections, venereal diseases, skin disorders, headaches, liver, kidneys, metabolism and thyroid. In magic Garnet can be used to obtain extra energy, Garnet strengthens the aura and creates a shield of positive vibrations around its wearer that will reject all negative energy.
Also see: Grossular and Hessonite.

Girasol Chemical Composition: SiO2nH2O
This Opal variety distincts itself from all other members of this family because it does not display a spectre of iridescence colours. Girasol positively influences the stomach and the intestinal tract, which is why it supports digestion and aids in it. This pretty stone also strengthens the function of the pancreas, liver and gall bladder. The speech centre is positively influenced by this stone, it makes sure that communication flows and stimulates friendship.
Girasol is also called Blue Opal.

Chemical composition: unknown
Goldstone is a manmade stone, this stone has been manufactured by Italian monks since the 16th century. Although this stone was not grown by Mother Nature it does hold strong healing properties.
Blue Goldstone Blue Goldstone
Blue Goldstone is a stone that connects us to the Divine, it is a stone of wisdom and teaches us that no matter what happens there will always be light in the darkness. It is a very strong generator of energy and may be used whenever you need extra energy. This stone will also diminish and heal psychosomatic ailments, and can also be used to conquer illnesses like bulimia and anorexia. It may also be used to heal ailments of the throat like tonsillitis and angina.
Brown Goldstone Brown Goldstone
Brown Goldstone positively influences those that are suffering from depressions, because of its colour and the golden specks it reminds us of Sunstone, and it also influences the psyche in a similar way. This stone will provide you with energy, inner strength and a positive outlook. On the physical level this stone will protect you against ulcers and bacterial infections.

Goshenite Goshenite
Chemical Composition: Al2Be3[Si6O18]
The colourless variety of Beryl is called Goshenite and was named after the place where it was found in the United States: Goshen. This stone opens the crown chakra and allows one to get in touch with the divine energies of the universe. Next to that Goshenite stimulates the truth and promotes creativity, spontaneity and originality in its wearer. This stone may also be used to solve relationship problems.

Chemical Composition: Ca3Al2Si3O12
Grossular This leek green to green variety of Garnet particularly influences the building of bones and the skeleton, which is why this stone can be worn during pregnancy. This stone will also protect you against diseases of the bones and skeleton, like osteoporosis and rachitis. Grossular also heals the digestion tract and organs, especially the gall bladder and liver, it makes sure that gall is distributed through the digestion tract and next to that it may also be used to heal hepatitis. This stone will aid you in lawsuits and challenges.
Also see: Hessonite.

Chemical Composition: NaCl
Halite Halite consists of sodium chloride, in other words it is Salt, and is found in the colours white, pink and blue. Salt and therefore Halite as well, is a mineral that is very protective and therefore it may be used in magic to i.e. protect the circle, but you may also use this mineral to protect your house by placing a layer of Salt (you may use kitchen salt for this) on your windowsills and thresholds. Candle holders made out of Halite may be used for protective and healing magic. In taking care of Halite you should be careful, because Halite is made of pure Salt crystals you should not cleanse this mineral with water. Salt dissolves in water, therefore Halite does as well!!

Chemical Composition: Al2Be3(Si6O18
Heliodor Heliodor is the golden yellow variety of the Beryl group, and a cousin of Aquamarine, Beryl, Emerald and Morganite. From early on this stone was considered a gift from the Deities, Helios is the Greek Sun God and this name is still used to describe the sun in New Greek, Doron means gift. Therefore Heliodor literally signifies gift of the Sun God. This beautiful golden yellow stone is used to diminish and dispel ailment of the heart, the lungs and blood circulation, like arrhythmia, but also against pneumonia. You may wish to place this stone on your solar plexus during meditations, and it protects the central nervous system. Heliodor is the pick-me-up that you may turn to in times of need, it will show you the sunny side of life and give you the courage to continue.

Chemical Composition: Fe2O3
Hematite Hematite is associated with clearvoyance, some people believe that this stone is an excellent aid in astral travel. It gives its wearer courage and strength to solve (spiritual) problems. It leads man back to his true being, strengthens his personality and promotes trust and insight. It aids in cases of anemia, physical weakness and tiredness, gives strength and courage, promotes healthy quiet sleep (without tossing and turning) and stops bleeding, against cramps (in the legs), eating disorders and is a grounding stone. Cures headaches and migraines, soars, female disorders, kidney and bladder stones, for heart, lungs, liver, spleen, cures infections, burns, for blood circulation, brain, strengthens in general. In case of hysteria and promotes the formation of red blood cells. Paleness, promotes oxygen absorption in blood, stimulates optimal transportation of oxygen rich blood to all parts of the body. Stimulates well being after illness, use in case of painful and difficult menstrual cycles. Reduces fevers, strengthens heart and immune system. Hematite will keep its wearer grounded and realistic, this mineral can also be used for scrying. Place a Hematite in front of a red candle and let the flame reflect into the stone, stare into the reflection of the flame and visualize your question, the answer will come to you.

Herkimer Diamond Herkimer Diamond
Chemical Composition: SiO2
Herkimer Diamonds are strong healers, they harbor all the healing powers of Clear Crystal Quartz in them. Although this stone is called "Diamond" the Herkimer Diamond belongs to the family of Quartzes but received the name by its outstanding beauty and they are found in Herkimer County, New York. Herkimer Diamonds protect against infections, inflammations and broken bones, but also it can help in addition to the regular therapies against cancer. Herkimer Diamonds regenerate the entire body and strengthen the immune system. Herkimer Diamonds stimulate clearvoyance and astral travel.

Hessonite Hessonite
Chemical Composition: Ca3Al2Si3O12
Hessonite is the cinnamon coloured variety of Grossular and is also called Cinnamon Stone. This special stone carries all of the properties of Grossular in it and also positively influences the nerves and protects its wearer against all kinds of paralysis. This stone may also be used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and relieves stuttering. Hessonite is very well suited for meditation.

Hiddenite Hiddenite
Chemical Composition: LiAlSi2O6
Hiddenite belongs to the same family as Kunzite has an excellent effect on the muscular system. It also gives great results for those that suffer from epilepsy and crams. Hiddenite also gives its wearer joy for life and strengthens the bonds of family.

Chemical Composition: MgCaCO3
Howlite Howlite is a white opaque stone that reminds one of Magnesite, but this stone displays grey veins. This stone is often dyed blue to subsequently be sold as Turquoise. You will notice the difference between dyed Howlite and real Turquoise, the dye often colours the stone equally without the characteristic black web of veins that is displayed on Turquoises, and Howlite's structure differs from Turquoise's. Howlite is a stone that positively influences the bones, nails and teeth, if your nails are very fragile, this is the stone for you! Next to that this stone may be used to protect you against nightmares.

Chemical Composition: (Mg, Fe)SiO3
Hypersthene Hypersthene can help you to dispel irritation and teaches us to voice critique in a positive way. Next to that this stone can help you make your relationships flourish, on both the business and personal level. This stone stimulates clairaudience and the discovery of the astral plane. On the physical level this stone may be used to protect you for over-acidity of the stomach, diminish pain and lower fevers.

Iceland Spar
Chemical Composition: CaCo3
Iceland Spar Iceland Spar belongs to the Calcite group, but differentiates itself from the other members of this group by its double refraction index; when you place this stone on a piece of paper on which words have been written down, the text will be displayed twice inside the stone. Iceland Spar positively influences the bones, teeth and hair because of the high concentration of calcium in the stone. It also positively influences the skin. Iceland Spar is a stone that promotes communication because it will make us understand the double meaning of words.

Chemical Composition: Na(Li1.5Al1.5)Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)3F
Indigolite This blue to dark blue variety of Tourmaline is a stone that provides rest in meditations, but in everyday life as well. This stone may also be used to dispel insomnia and it stimulates creativity and love, loyalty and commitment. Indigolite provides its wearer with patience and mental protection. This stone stimulates the immune system and enhances metabolism. It also makes its wearer more fertile and stimulates pregnancy. Against bed wetting, constipation and inflammation of the large intestine.

Chemical Composition: Mg2Al2[AlSi5O18]
Iolite One of the most remarkable properties of this mineral is dichroism, the stone can appear a light grey-ish to blue-ish and when the stone is turned 45 degrees, it will appear a royal blue: a fantastic phenomenon! Iolite heals the intestinal tract and stomach, due to this property it stimulates the metabolism. Protects its wearer against cancer of the stomach and intestines. Use when you have vicarious veins and oedema.
Iolite is also known as Cordierite, named after the French scientist Cordier.

Chemical Composition: NaAl[Si2O6]
Jadeite Jadeite, usually referred to as Jade, is considered one of the most important symbols of purity and serenity. It is also a symbol of love. Carry a piece of Jade with you for business meetings and court appointments, it will help negotiations and attracts justice. Strengthens kidneys, bladder and eyes, against arthritis, stomach disorders and infections, promotes digestion and protects during pregnancies. Stone of wisdom and harmonizes and restful. For fertility, against accidents and promotes a long life. Use in case of influenza, stimulates the immune system, larynx, liver, spleen, neuralgia, gives courage, personality, the power to love and selflessness. Jade is used in magic to attract love, in China a butterfly created of Jade is used for this purpose. When you use Jade while working in the garden your flowers and plants will grow, bloom and stay healthy. Jade can also be used in money spells.
Violet Jadeite
Violet Jadeite contains all the great qualities of Jadeite and next to that it is a stone that promotes fertility, even to the point where it may lead to multiple births at the same time. This stone is perfectly suited to diminish and heal headaches and migraines.
Yellow Jadeite
Yellow Jadeite contains all the great qualities of Jadeite and next to that it strengthens the veins and may be worn to promote relaxation and to calm the nerves.
Also see:Nephrite.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Jasper arrow heads are worn to attract good fortune.
Brown Jasper
Brown Jasper connects us to the earth's powers and connects the body, mind and spirit. It is a grounding stone.
Red Jasper
Red Jasper Red Jasper helps against morning sickness in pregnancies, disorders of the stomach, liver and kidneys, epilepsy and cystitis, strengthens the bladder, against bladder stones. Protects against strokes, against anorexia and boulemia, use when you are retaining water, for the lungs, blood, strengthens the will and sense of smell. For liver, gallbladder, kidneys, nausea, stomach pains, against fear, gives insight and sensitivity. Against all sorts of radiation and negative rays. During the first three months of the pregnancy this is a very protective stone. Enhances concentration and makes one see difficult situations in a different light. Against egoism, promotes tolerance, strengthens the mind and dispels negative thoughts. Red Jasper is a protection stone and is used in defensive magic, it sends all negativity back to its sender!! Red Jasper is also used in spellwork that has to do with healing.
Yellow Jasper Yellow Jasper
Yellow Jasper is an excellent healer of problems of the pancreas, liver and gall bladder. It protects its wearer against hyper function of the thyroid and provides a healthy metabolism. Also in cases of nervousness and insomnia this stone can provide excellent results. Yellow Jasper promotes love for others, without prejudice. Next to this the stone strengthens the memory, and protects you against diarrhoea and ailments of the intestinal tract.
Also see: Landscape Jasper and Leopard Skin Jasper.

Chemical Composition: C
Jet Just like Amber, Jet has been associated with magic since the beginning of time. Jet absorbs energy, especially negative. Jet promotes clearvoyance and is used in spells that have to do with health. Jet protects its wearer against false friends, black magic and accidents. Jet has an excellent influence on the airways, joints and bones. Use when you have tooth or jaw aches and the headaches that result from these pains. Jet promotes a happy attitude and is therefore an excellent help in depressions.

Medical Disclaimer

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