July's Birthstone: Ruby

The glowing Ruby shall adorn
Those who is warm July are born;
Then will they be exempt and free
From love's doubt, and anxiety.

Ruby is a variety of Corundum and belongs to the family of Oxides. All Corundum varieties: Amaril, Leuco-Sapphire, Ruby and Sapphire, have the same chemical composition: Al2O3 and a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. Red Corundum is called Ruby, Leuco-Sapphire is the colourless variety of Corundum and Sapphires are found in all other colours. Amaril is the Corundum variety that is used for industrial purposes. Rubies are found in Marbles, Kyanite and Zoisite.

Ruby's colour varies from a pink-red to purple-red and from a brown-red to bright red and these colours are caused by traces of chromium- or iron oxide. Most Rubies are translucent, but also opaque stones are abundant. The clear translucent and transparent Rubies are defined as stones of gemstone quality. In most Burmese Rubies inclusions of Rutile is found, in some cases these small needles of Rutile cause a star to appear inside the stone. In most Rubies however this is not the case. The quality of a Star Ruby relies on a few factors, for one the parallel placement of the needles inside the stone and secondly the light reflection, these two combined show a star on the Ruby. Too many needles of Rutile will cause the stone to become opaque and will also diminish its value. An even more rare variety of Ruby is the Ruby Cat's eye, these stones display the cat-eye effect and are very expensive.

The name Ruby is derived from the Latin word 'rubeus' which means red. It is not clear since when the name Ruby has been used for this stone. In Ancient times all red stones were called Carbunculus, and not even the Ruby could escape this fate, thus enfolding the early history of this gemstone in a veil of mystery.

The Hindi called the Ruby the King of all Gemstones, this stone belongs to the highest caste in India, the caste of the Bramans. Also the Ruby is the sacred stone of the Hindu God Krishna, and one who gives a Ruby to Krishna would surely reincarnate as a powerful and important ruler.

Catherine of Aragon, one of Henry VIII of England's many wives even owned a Ruby that was said to foretell the future. According to legend the stone turned dark and dull the day before Henry announced he planned to divorce her. In the British crown jewels a stone by the name of the 'Black Prince' can be found. It was thought this stone was a Ruby, but after research the Black Prince turned out to be a Spinel, a stone that looks exactly like the Ruby, but its chemical composition differs tremendously. Unfortunately the Black Prince is not the only Spinel that was once considered to be a Ruby. Even today Spinel is sold as Ruby under a different name. It is important to be on your guard when shopping for Rubies.

Ruby is a stone that stimulates love, both spiritual and physical love. It helps you to keep your relationship healthy, but also helps attracting new friends. This stone emits a potent energy that can be turned into willpower and deeds. Therefore Ruby is one of most important stones to aid in overcoming destructive patterns and addictions like alcoholism. In combination with a White Agate the Ruby may be used to help you quit smoking and break through the pattern of a nicotine addiction. Ruby diminishes depressions, melancholy and serious phobias, the stone activates its wearer and may be used in the treatment of lethargy. However if you suffer from insomnia it is advisable to take off all jewellery containing Rubies before you go to bed. Also I would recommend you'd leave the jewellery or stones in a different room than the bedroom in this case.

Rubies are less suited for those that have a temper or are dominant. The stone will enhance their character traits which may cause them to put their yearn for power into actions and this may cause a misuse of said power. Ruby stimulates its wearers vitality, and also the leadership qualities of the wearer, it stimulates the higher thinking as well. On the physical level Rubies are suited to heal ailments of the blood, the Star Ruby is most suited as a therapy stone for those that suffer from leukaemia. Of course one would have to take into account that this stone may only be used as support throughout regular therapy. Ruby strengthens the blood and helps in the production of white and red blood corpuscles, and also strengthens the blood-vessels which diminishes the wearer to get arteriosclerosis. Next to that Rubies positively influence the glands, especially the pancreas which makes it a terrific stone for those that suffer from diabetes. Also the adrenal glands and thymus gland are positively influenced by Ruby. Ruby dissolves blocks in the root chakra and the solar plexus. Even when these chakras have completely closed up the Ruby can assist you to open and activate these chakras. Ruby is a stone that brings back the flame in your sexual life for it activates sexual lust. Also sexually transmitted diseases may be cured by wearing a Ruby. The stone stimulates fertility and may also be used in treating ailments of the sexual organs. Rubies strengthen the immune system and may be used to cure and clear up diseases of the skin, like for instance acne. It also helps against the ageing of the skin and helps against itching. Rubies are strong protectors and may be used to protect one against all kinds of attacks, on both the physical and astral planes. The Ruby also protects against lightning and hail. You may wish to protect your house against burglars by touching every corner of your house with a Ruby crystal. Rubies stimulate intuition, lucid dreaming and creativity. The energies of all Bach Flower remedies are enhanced by the energies of the Ruby.

Watch out for fakes!

Like all valuable gemstones Rubies are synthesised and imitated. Ever since 1902 synthetic Rubies have been produced. The synthetic stones have the same chemical structure as natural stones but are created under the best of conditions in a laboratory. Unfortunately it is difficult to see which stones are synthetic and which are natural Rubies. Therefore it is important to ask whether your stone is natural or synthetic if you purchase jewellery with Rubies.

There are other red stones that are sold as Rubies. The Spinel is, as I mentioned before, a stone that is a dead ringer for Ruby and is also sold as such. Trade names for other stones that are sold as Rubies are:

Alabandine Ruby (Almandine Garnet)
Balas Ruby (Spinel)
Brasilian Ruby (Pink Topaz)
Copper Ruby (Cuprite)
Siberian Ruby (Red Tourmaline)

Medical Disclaimer

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