Gemstone Meditations

Meditation with Agate

Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and light incense if you wish, the incense scent Lotus agrees best with the vibrations of Agates.

Find an Agate that speaks to you, with regards to its colour and energy and hold it in your hands. Close your eyes and breathe slowly, in and out and while you relax more and more you let the soothing vibrations of the Agate take you to a quiet, safe place. Visualize this place and feel that you're safe, you see the colours and images before your minds eye and you smell the scents of this place. Stay in this safe place for a while, and enjoy everything you see around you while you're there. Now you focus your attention on the stone that you're holding in your hands, you see the colours of the stone before your minds eye, you feel the strength of the Agate flowing through your hands, into your body and you are filled with the healing vibrations of this stone. Look at the stone with respect, it is a good friend that can be helpful to you. Ask the deva of the Agate if she's present and thank her for her presence. Now let yourself be swept away on an exploration of the world of the Agate, see the possibilities for healing and magic that this stone harbours in it. After you had a good look at the outside of the stone, now is time to go one step further. Or if you think this is sufficient for your first meditation, you go back. If you want to continue you see the stone get larger step by step, it grows and grows until it's the size of a house. Search on the outside of the stone for an entrance, a tunnel or a portal.

Visualise a bright shining white light on the inside of the stone and flow on this light through the stones interior. Let yourself be taken and go on an exploration. Let yourself become one with the Agate. After you've finished your exploration you step out of the stone through a portal, this can be the same portal you used to get inside, but it can also be a different one. When you find yourself outside of the Agate you'll see it shrink back to its regular size and you're holding it in your hands once again. Thank the Agate deva for all the impressions you have received and all the experiences you were blessed with and return to your safe haven. If you want you can stay here for a while to process all impressions until you think it's time to return to your every day reality. Become aware of your breathing again and slowly open your eyes. Stay calmly where you are for a while, sitting or lying down and to close of the meditation you take a dark coloured Agate into your hand, so you can be grounded. Put the Agate on a special place on your altar, it has shown you the wondrous world of Agates and deserves respect.

Atlantis Meditation with Larimar

Find a peaceful place where you can meditate, light some incense and put on soft music. Sit down, or lie down and hold a piece of Larimar in your hands. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly, with every breath that leaves your body you relax more and more and you become calmer. Then you visualise a bright white light from the sky and it surrounds you with all her warmth. Pull the light through your crown chakra into your body. Feel how the light enters your crown chakra and slowly spreads through your body, how it warms and clears all chakras from within. Breathe in the light and let it become one with you. Let the light guide you on the trip that you are about to take. Visualise yourself in a safe place, let all impressions work into your every fibre and stay and look around, let your senses enjoy everything you see. You will now see a crystal path that will lead you to Atlantis. Step on the path when you're ready to embark on your journey. When you put the first steps on the crystal path, and walk on it up the hill you will feel lighter and you continue your way up the hill.

In the distance you will notice the light of the sun playing with the roof of the crystal temple in Atlantis. The reflection of the crystal roof calls you towards it and you continue your path towards the temple while you pick up the pace. When you've reached the temple you will see a door, open it when you're ready for it. You step into the temple and you'll be amazed at the interior of the temple. Everywhere you look you will see crystals and gemstones. The temple is built up out of pillars and a roof of Clear Crystal Quartz and the floor is a mosaic of pieces of Larimar. The temple takes your breath away and gives you an energy boost as well as calming and soothing energies. Take your time to look around the temple. Between the crystal pillars you will see a form, a woman in a long white robe. She's sitting down and you recognise her as the priestess of this temple. She looks serene and wise. When you are ready you may approach her and talk to her. You will realise deep within yourself that she has a very special gift to give you and this present will help you on your spiritual path. She gives you the gift, thank the priestess and you may now ask her a few questions. The priestess says goodbye to you and you are alone in the temple once again, you may choose to stay a while and enjoy the beauty and the omnipotent energies of the temple. When you are ready you leave the temple through the door and walk back on the crystal path towards your safe haven. Slowly return to the room where you started your journey.

Aquamarine Meditation

The purpose of this meditation is to cleanse all negativity, stress and other things that build up in our lives on a daily basis. Use an Aquamarine that you have cleansed, cleared and charged for this meditation.

Find a place where you can meditate without being interrupted and light incense if you wish. The scent lavender can be used for this and does not clash with the energies of this stone. Take an Aquamarine in your receiving hand and start breathing calmly. Let the energies of the stone spread throughout your body and you will feel calmer and more at ease. Visualise your safe haven, the place where you start every meditation and stay here until you are ready to proceed. Look around you and let the calm enter every cell of your body.

When you are ready you may proceed, walk away from your safe haven, and feel how your feet touch the grass, soon you will see a narrow path, walk towards it and follow it. You will see that the path leads to the sea. You hear the cries of sea gulls and the waves arriving on the beach. The sea is calm and the sun is slowly setting. When you arrive at the sea and feel the touch of the water on your feet you will see that the sun touches the horizon and how the orange-red sun fuses with the waves of Aquamarine. You slowly walk into the water until the sea water touches your breast. Then you swim further into the sea and dive down, you will notice that you are able to breath underneath the water. Do not attempt to hold your breath, this will break the magic of this meditation. Breath in and out and be aware of how the calming and peaceful energies of the sea of Aquamarine refreshes and relaxes you. Far below sea level you will see the algae, and you will notice a small temple on the bottom of the sea. The walls are made out of Aquamarine, and once you come closer you will see it is a large Aquamarine crystal. Find an entrance and swim into the crystal, you will feel more relaxed now you're inside the crystal. You are surrounded by the healing, cleansing and purifying energies of this stone. Let yourself melt together with the Aquamarine and stay here as long as you like. When you are ready you may leave the crystal and swim towards the surface. You will see that the sun has set and the light of the moon spreads out over the waves and caresses them.

Again you can stay as long as you like, sit on the beach to digest all impressions or return to your safe haven where you can do the same. When you are ready you can return to reality, totally and utterly relaxed.