Healing & Magickal Properties of Metals

Chemical Symbol: Cu
Copper Copper positively influences the blood and blood circulation in the body. Copper does not just protect the blood against disease but also stimulates the hormones and vitamins that are transported through the blood. Copper also strengthens the immune system, against fevers and infections. Next to that Copper eases the pain of sciatica, pulled muscles, arthritis and rheumatism. Copper strengthens the consciousness of its wearer and strengthens the bonds of family. In magic Copper is used to attract love, it is the metal associated with the Goddesses Aphrodite, Astarte and Ishtar. Copper is also used in rituals for money and healing.

Chemical Symbol: Au
Gold Gold has been considered the king of metals since the beginning of time and its healing powers have been known ever since prehistoric times as well. Gold strengthens its wearers self confidence and symbolises wealth. Next to that Gold strengthens the veins and bones and this metal can bring much relief for those that suffer from arthritis and gout. But also diseases of the veins, the heart and skin will ameliorate when Gold is worn. Gold may also be used in treating eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and boulemia nervosa, but also people that suffer from 'binges' should wear a piece of Gold. Gold opens the third eye and crown chakra, and this metal also shows off the inner beauty of its wearer. In magic Gold may be used to attract healing, power, wisdom, money and success. This metal also has protective properties and this is why it may be worn as a talisman.

Chemical Symbol: Ag
Silver Silver is the metal that is connected to the Moon and all Lunar Goddesses and may be worn to attract love. Next to that Silver is used to enhance psychism and for protection as well. Silver stimulates the function of the glands and may be used to heal diseases of the endocrine system, like i.e. diabetes mellitus and thyroid disorders. The production of hormones by the glands is also positively influenced by wearing Silver. Headaches that are accompanied with nausea will be diminished by wearing this metal and can even be cured. Silver may also be used as a conductor between gemstones and the body.

Medical Disclaimer

Although gemstones can help the healing process, we would like to stress that if you have severe and persistent complaints you should consult your G.P. or specialist! Gemstone therapy cannot replace medication. The remedies listed on this website are given as information, not as prescriptions or medical advice and GemstoneDeva.com cannot be held responsible for your choice to use gemstones instead of consulting a specialist or G.P. Should you choose to use a natural method or gemstone therapy for treating your ailments, the legal responsibility is your own.