Healing & Magickal Properties of Gemstones N-P

Nebula Stone™
Nebula Stone Chemical Composition: Nebula Stone™ consists of Aegerine, Anorthoclase, Quartz and Riebeckite, the exact chemical composition is unknown.
Nebula Stone™ is a newly discovered gemstone, this stone was discovered in Mexico by Karen and Ron Nurnberg. The stone displays a mesmerising play of green and pale green spots and it is unique in all regards! This stone may be used to assist in shamanic travel and discovery of the inner domains. You may use Nebula Stone™ to access the Akashic Records and the sacred ancient texts. Nebula Stone™ is a grounding stone, gives vitality and emotional stability.

Chemical Composition: Ca2(Mg,Fe2+)5[(OH)Si4O11]2
Nephrite Nephrite cures all illnesses related to the kidneys and kidney stones, in fact this is hidden in its name, 'nephros' is the Greek word for kidneys. Nephrite also strengthens the bladder and against bed wetting. Against osteoporosis, hernias and promotes the development of the skeleton. Supports pregnancy and stimulates breast feeding. Nephrite can influence the aging process favourably. Against all intestinal problems, like gastroenteritis and constipation, menstruation complaints, against anemia. Nephrite protects its wearer against love magic.
Also see: Jadeite.

Chemical Composition: mostly SiO2
Against bacteria, inflamations, infections, ulcers, for intestines, muscular tissue, metabolism, gives vital strength, is grounding and protects, helps against diseases of the eye and promotes vision. Against low blood pressure, osteoporosis and promotes tissue regeneration after injury, keeps the respatory tract healthy and cures head colds and flu. Against problems problems of the nervous system, stimulates the pancreatic function, also liver function and kidney functions. The stone influences anemia positively, also for paleness and painful menstruation. Promotes the healing process and a full recovery. Obsidian is a grounding stone and a very powerful meditation stone. Obsidian is associated with the inner mysteries of the Goddess.
Please note! Obsidian is a confrontational stone, one that shouldn't be used for fun, the stone is not suited for unstable people and children! Obsidian transforms the power of the mind into deeds, protects against dishonesty.
Blue Obsidian
When you wish to purchase a Blue Obsidian you should really be careful, this transparent, colourless Obsidian with a blue hue (unfortunately no picture) can easily be copied and imitated. This stone stimulates the throat chakra and may be used to enhance communication. But it is also suited to increase the intuition, to help one understand the cards in divination and to facilitate astral travel. Because of its clearness this stone is most suited to clear the mind and may be used to bring clarity for those that suffer from Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder.
Gold Sheen Obsidian
Gold Sheen ObsidianThis Obsidian variety is a wonderful divination stone. This stone will also bring the inner beauty of its wearer out. This Obsidian variety is a great stone for people that have psychological problems, like neuroses, psychoses and phobias. In case of Parkinsons' disease the Gold Sheen Obsidian can be a good help because it works on the central nervous system.
Mahogany ObsidianMahogany Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian promotes spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical growth. This stone also dissolves energy blockages in the body. Mahogany Obsidian used as an elixir is a natural antibiotic, it gets rid of inflammations and works well against allergies. The Mahogany Obsidian enhances the intake of nutrients in the body.
Rainbow Obsidian
Rainbow ObsidianThe energies of this Obsidian variety expand to all organs of the body, but influences the brain and the central nervous system most. This Obsidian is not suitable for children. Be aware that this is a strong stone. It is an excellent meditation stone, but its answers can surprise you because this is a confrontational stone. It can aid you to learn life's lessons, like a private tutor. Another way to work with Rainbow Obsidian is to wear it temporarily on your body (not longer than one week). Choose a Rainbow Obsidian that appeals to you in color for this. Rainbow Obsidian protects against dishonesty from others. And this too can be a confrontation. There is a possibility that some people will avoid you when you wear a Rainbow Obsidian, this is it's way to protect you from people that have bad things in store for you.
Silver Sheen Obsidian
This Obsidian variety is also known as Mirror Obsidian. Silver Sheen obsidian may be used for divination; the silver shining inside this Obsidian can be used for scrying. Just note that Obsidian is a confronting stone and the answers it will provide can be very direct, Silver Sheen Obsidian acts as a mirror of the soul. Silver Sheen Obsidian stimulates the bond between the physical and astral bodies.
Snowflake Obsidian Snowflake Obsidian
Snowflake Obsidian deminishes illnesses that are brought on by bacteria, against appendicitis, influenza, the herpes virus. But also against arteriosclerosis and low blood pressure . Snowflake Obsidian is an excellent protector that protects you against the wrong crowd, but also against coming danger, negative influences and black magic.
Also see: Apache Tear.

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Onyx Onyx is a powerful grounding stone. Against accidents, deafness and ringing ears, promotes hearing, listening and concentration, makes one serious and strengthens ones sense of reality. Against skin disorders, suppurating wounds, heart disease, strengthens the eyes, the hair, skin, gives the skin a positive glow, gives perseverance, against blocked circulation and for heart, stomach, spleen, nerves, kidneys and weather sensitivity, against sadness and negativity, against high blood pressure, weak heart. Promotes a good energy flow in the body, against respatory illnesses especially tuberculosis. Promotes seriousness, gives meekness and perseverance, controls passion and calms. Onyx is a protection stone, it protects against negative influences, but also against astral attacks and all negativity. This stone suppresses sexual impulses, for most people this is not a good idea, because sex is a natural release and part of life. But for those whose sexual impulses are too strong this stone is suitable. Sexual impulses can be brought on by stones like i.e: Diamond, a small Diamond set in Onyx symbolizes the control over ones sexual nature.
Also see: Bandonyx and Sardonyx.

Chemical Composition: SiO2nH2O
Opal It is said that an Opal can make its wearer invisible, it strengthens the energies of the wearer and warns us against negative influences because it falls away (by breaking or simply falling from its setting etc.). Against ailments of the bones, its properties are abundant, depending on the conciousness, good for eyes, blood circulation, against leukemia, strengthens bones, against depression and lethargy, for clarity and intuition. Against thymus gland and respitory problems. Especially ailments of the lungs can be cured by the strength and energy of the Opal. Also against tuberculosis, Opal positively influences cholesterol levels and lowers high blood pressure, stimulates tissue regeneration and against osteoporosis. Opal is used to obtain insight in past lives and to enhance psychic powers. Opal is often seen as a bestower of ill luck. Fortunately this is not the truth, but you can give the stone this power and intention when you keep this in mind when you are programming the stone. Therefore it is important not to do this. Make sure that this stone isn't exposed to strong sunlight, the stone could break. Because the Opal consists mainly of water it is necessary to recharge the stone at night next to a glass of water on your night stand.
Black Opal
Black Opal strengthens the immune system and may be used to cure diseases of the liver, like hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. Placed under the pillow this stone will protect you against nightmares and panic attacks. Black Opal may be used to dispel depression and phobias.
Fire Opal Fire Opal
The Fire Opal gives its wearer vitality and strength, it is a stone that positively influences the mind and helps diminish problems of circulation, ailments of the blood and strengthens one when one is feeling apathetic and weakness. Fire Opal protects you against viruses and bacteria and next to that this stone will help you overcome stress and related burn out symptoms.
Opalite Opalite
Opalite is a stone that reaches deep within our psyche and brings us rest; this stone may be used to diminish and heal sleeping disorders and also to give its wearer relaxation. It also diminishes aggressiveness and depressions. Even though Opalite is one of the Opal family this stone does not have the iridescence of the Opal.
Also see: Girasol.

Chemical Composition: mainly CaCO3
Good for skin and complexion, for procreation, blood cells, intestines, stomach, muscles, spleen, nerves, vitality and metabolism, promotes tenderness, intuition, initiative, against fear, leads us towards the white light and forms enzymes. Promotes the healing of bones, against asthma, tooth decay and osteoporosis. Pearl is used in love and money magic.
Sudden changes of temperature are bad for Pearls. After you've worn them do not put them down on a cold surface, but put them on a piece of cloth so they can adjust to the change of temperature. Pearls are hypersensitive to make-up and perfume. Jewerly with Pearls should be kept in a place with a high humidity, put a glass of water next to the piece of jewelry, this way the Pearl will retain its beauty.
Although Pearls are beautiful, some people object to use these 'stones' in healing or magic, because the oyster that produces the Pearl is killed when the Pearl is 'harvested'. The choice whether or not you use Pearls in magic or for healing is yours!

Chemical Composition: (Mg,Fe)2SiO4
Peridot Especially good for the eyes, for insight and inspiration, promotes eloquence, against weather sensitivity, arrhythmia, constipation, melancholy, is grounding and gives balance. Against anemia, stimulates recovery after illness, operations and tissue regeneration after injuries. Strengthens the heart, gives inspiration and eloquence, protects against negative influences. Peridot is an excellent stone to wear during pregnancy, but also for women that suffer from post partum depressions. Peridot is a protection stone that enhances psychic powers. Also enhances insights when divinating and the possibilities of the higher self. Just like all other green stones Peridot is used in money magic.
Peridot is also called Olivine or Chrysolite.

Petalite Chemical Composition: (MnFe)CO3
Petalite enhances and stimulates clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathic communication. It is a spiritual stone that will protect you on vision quests and astral travels. Petalite deepens meditation as well. This stone will protect you against accidents and may be used to heal diseases of the eyes. It can also be helpful in treating serious illnesses like cancer and AIDS. Petalite stimulates friendship and balances blood pressure.

Petrified Wood
Petrified Wood Chemical Composition: SiO2
Petrified Wood is an excellent stone to keep the bones and joints healthy, in addition this stone protects against rachitis and rheumatic diseases. Also in cases of arthritis and gout this stone gives excellent results. Petrified Wood keeps the veins healthy which diminishes the change of heart infarction and thrombosis, and also varicose veins can be healed by wearing this stone. Petrified wood is a stone that soothes anger and harmonizes the home. It is also a stone of transformation which assists one in achieving the highest goal possible.

Phantom Quartz
Chemical Composition: SiO2
Phantom Quartz Phantom Quartz is a variety of Clear Crystal Quartz and it positively influences the blood circulation and the lymph system. This stone protects you against thrombosis and arteriosclerosis. It can also be used by children against bed wetting, and next to this Phantom Quartz also dispels nightmares. Next to these properties on the physical level, Phantom Quartz also has a few spiritual properties; this stone may be used during the quest for your spiritual guide and to recall past life experiences.

Chemical Composition: Be2SiO4
Phenakite Phenakite or Phenacite is a stone of love, not just physical love, but spiritual love is also brought into your life by this wonderful stone. The clear variety of this stone opens your third eye and crown chakras, which enables meditation, astral travel, clairvoyance and communication on the spiritual level. This stone may also be used to cleanse the body, for this hold a piece of Phenakite in your hand and visualise the light that the stone emits gliding over your body, washing away all illnesses and outside influences from your body, by its strong healing powers.

Pietersite Chemical Composition: Na(Fe2+, Mg)3Fe3+Si8O22(OH)2
This stone reminds one of a combination of Falcon's Eye and Tiger's Eye and it is also called Eagle's Eye or Storm Stone because the chatoyancy manifests itself as spots or vortexes. Pietersite is a soothing stone that calms outbursts of anger and stimulates loyalty and courage. On the physical level this stone stimulates the hormones and the endocrine glands. It is an excellent meditation stone and stimulates visions and clairvoyance, this is why it is considered a highly spiritual stone and it is suited for spiritual teachers.

Porphyrite or Chrysanthemum Stone
Chemical Composition: various
Chrysanthemum Stone Porfierite is also called the Chrysanthemum Stone, it's nickname derives from the inclusions inside the stone that may remind you of the autumn flower Chrysanthemum. Porfierite is a stone that will inspire you, and it will also stimulate you to 'bloom' to your fullest potential. This stone also helps you to overcome negative emotions and teaches that you are here on this earth to give love. On the physical level Porfierite helps you to overcome ailments of the skin, eyes and skeleton, but it can also be used to combat growths.

Prase Chemical Composition: SiO2
Prase is also called African Jade because of its beautiful green colour, like all green stones Prase positively influences the heart. It protects its wearer against stress and balances the blood pressure. Next to that Prase positively influences the eyes, it will protect you against short-sightedness and cataract. In magic Prase may be used to attract money and wealth.

Chemical Composition: Ca2Al2Si3O10(OH)2
Prehnite Prehnite positively influences the bladder and kidneys, the stone strengthens these organs and makes sure that all toxins are disposed of as soon as possible, this beautiful green stone has a similar influence on the blood. It also makes sure that minerals and vitamins are absorbed into the body faster and it also aids in sexual problems, especially with potency problems. Prehnite diminishes depressions and neuroses and gives its wearer more energy. This stone is particularly suited for meditation and it is also a stone that promotes clairvoyance and stimulates spiritual growth.

Chemical Composition: FeS2
Pyrite Pyrite is a stone that enhances psychic powers, increases the energy flow and positively influences the thinking and understanding process. Strengthens the nervous system, the immune system, good for the respitory tract. The stone is grounding, against head colds, makes one happy and optimistic, against epilepsy. Against anemia, and for recovery after illness, use when you have abnormal and painful menstruation, regulates the metabolism, against high fevers, for the intestines. Pyrite is used in money magic and it will bring you luck when you wear it!

Pyrite Sun
Chemical Composition: FeS2
Pyrite Sun The Pyrite Sun contains all healing and magical properties of Pyrite and next to that it positively influences the organs and glands, it makes sure that gall is produced and distributed throughout the body. Next to that this special stone also purifies the blood. This stone regulates the metabolism and protects its wearer against inflammations and colics. Also ailments of the lungs and bronchial tract may be cured by the laying on of this stone. Pyrite Suns strengthen the immune system and protect against all sorts of radiation. You may wish to place this stone on your computer to protect you against the radiation it emits, just like Schörl, black Tourmaline.

Medical Disclaimer

Although gemstones can help the healing process, we would like to stress that if you have severe and persistent complaints you should consult your G.P. or specialist! Gemstone therapy cannot replace medication. The remedies listed on this website are given as information, not as prescriptions or medical advice and GemstoneDeva.com cannot be held responsible for your choice to use gemstones instead of consulting a specialist or G.P. Should you choose to use a natural method or gemstone therapy for treating your ailments, the legal responsibility is your own.