Programming Gemstones & Minerals

After you have cleaned, cleansed, and charged the stone it is advisable to put in a program. You don't expect a new computer to work properly before you have installed the software (the program), do you now? In fact that is just the way gemstones and minerals work as well. Unfortunately you will not get a manual when you buy gemstones nor do they have a floppy drive or cd-rom drive which make it easier to install a program. So you're going to have to do it some other way. Stones react to thought patterns and images, not to spoken words. When you install a program in a stone, you should keep it simple. The golden KISS rule: "Keep It Short and Simple", also applies in this case. Why should you keep the program simple? The more simple, the more change you have that the program is successful.

The purpose of installing a program is the following: this way you give the stone a 'command' to deal with a certain disease or a certain problem, and the stone will function more effectively and faster. An example, just imagine you want to use a piece of Malachite to get rid of a sprain, but you also have high blood pressure. Since this stone is suited for both problems, a stone that has not been programmed will divide its energies between the two 'sick' areas. When you program the stone to work on the sprain, all of its healing energies will be focused on the sprain and the results will be noticeable faster.

You have cleaned, cleansed and charged the stone in which you would like to install a program, then you need to find a place where you can start programming and where you can't be disturbed for a while. Take the stone into your hands and look at it from all sides, then you put it in the palm of your hands. Relax your entire body, just like you would when you start meditation. When you are entirely relaxed you focus on the stone in the palm of your hands. Feel its energies pulsating into your hands and concentrate on your breathing, slowly and deeply breath in and out and repeat this process three times. When you are completely relaxed you are only aware of the stone in your hands and nothing else that is happening around you.

Now the time has come to start installing the program in the stone. Ask the stone to bring you into contact with the deva that is a part of the stone.

Although many people think that stones are not alive because they are inanimate, they do live and the deva represents the life force of the stone. Now that you feel the total energy of the stone you continue programming. Ask the stone by sending visualised images if it is willing to help you with whatever you would like to achieve by using this stone. Visualise the person that you would like to help, in the way that you would like to see them after they have been healed. As I wrote before it is imperative to keep your intentions simple, strength - for someone who is feeling weak, calm/rest - for someone who is stressed, etc. Also keep in mind that the stone can only be programmed for one purpose at a time. While you ask this question focus on the vibrations that the stone gives to you. If the stone is willing to help, you will feel an increase of energy and if it is reluctant to help, the energy may diminish or disappear entirely. After the stone has given you the okay to help you, send an image to confirm this to the stone as if you were saying so be it.

After you have given the program to the stone, you breath in three times, and while you do this you keep the purpose that you have assigned to this stone in mind. Your stone now has been programmed and is ready for use.

The program remains in the stone until you cleanse the stone again in salty water or until someone else than the person you programmed the stone for touches it. If you've programmed the stone for someone else, you may give the stone to this person, but it is also possible to let the stone heal this person from your own home. Put the stone on your windowsill or in another spot where it will not be disturbed or touched by anyone, when this happens the programming will be removed.