September's Birthstone: Sapphire

A maiden born when autumn leaves
Are rustling in September's breeze
A Sapphire on her brow should bind;
'Twill cure diseases of the mind.

Just like Ruby Sapphire belongs to the Corundum group and has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. Corundum is the hardest mineral after Diamond, but it is 4 times softer than Diamond. Although most people associate Sapphire with the colour blue, all members of the Corundum group that aren't red are called Sapphire. This stone can therefore be found in the following colours: blue, yellow, white, pink, orange, green, lavender, violet and even black. The stones that are not blue are called Sapphire preceded by the colour name. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule; white Sapphire is called Leuko-Sapphire and the orange-pink variety is called Padparadscha. Even though the pink variety of Corundum is often classified as Sapphire, this stone is also sold as a light Ruby. Another Sapphire variety is the so-called Star Sapphire, a stone, which displays a star on the surface thanks to the occurrence of Rutile needles inside the stone.

The name Sapphire is derived from the Greek word Saffairos, which means blue. This name was also used for Lapis Lazuli in the past, which is why the history and the past use of both these stones can be confusing.

According to legend Sapphire, just like its sibling the Ruby, warns its wearer against impending danger, and it also warns against poison and infidelity. The latter is probably the reason why Sapphires are often set into engagement rings. A second reason why this stone is used in engagement rings is that it strengthens the bond between two people. This also means that the ring should be returned to the other party when the relationship is over. Keeping a Sapphire ring after a relationship has gone awry can cause a difficult separation and make it difficult to break away. Charlemagne's wife wore a talisman made of two Sapphires and a piece of the Holy cross, to ensure him of her fidelity. When she died and the talisman was still on her body Charlemagne couldn't bring himself to burying her. Only after the talisman had been removed from her dead body he gave the consent to bury her.

In gemstone therapy Sapphires are used to treat many different ailments. All colour varieties of this stone can be used to dispel insomnia and to bring calm and quiet into one's life. Sapphire stimulates friendship and relationships, and next to that it also gives its wearer peace of mind and dispels melancholy. Sapphire is an excellent stone when you are under a lot of stress in either your personal life or at work. This stone stimulates good in its wearer and protects one against all sorts of radiation.

On the physical level this stone may be used to lower fevers, but also to diminish anaemia and it is an excellent stone to wear when you are recovering from an illness. Sapphire also diminishes menstrual cramps. Next to that Sapphire positively influences the eyes, especially in case of cataract and glaucoma, and wearing this stone also strengthens the kidneys, intestines and liver. Sapphire diminishes pain caused by arthritis.

The Blue Sapphire positively influences the throat chakra and can be used to help one express their feelings, but also to ameliorate ailments of the throat. Next to that Blue Sapphire is a great stone to help one resolve emotional blocks.

Yellow Sapphire is most suited for the treatment of haematoma and nose bleeds. This colour variety can also be used to help one resolve traumas from the past.

Green Sapphire is mostly suited to give its wearer extra energy and therefore it is and an excellent stone to wear when you are recovering from an illness or an operation/surgery.

White Sapphire helps you find your path in live and stimulates the crown chakra.

Purple Sapphire is also a stone that is connected to the crown chakra; this stone brings clarity into your life and can be used to stimulate your spiritual awakening, as well as the Kundalini flow through the human body. It is also an excellent stone when you channel a lot or travel on the astral plane.

Sapphire strengthens its wearer's intuition and promotes clairvoyance; especially the blue and purple varieties of this stone are suited for this. This stone may also be used in magic to promote and attract healing and riches. Sapphire is suited for protective and defensive magic and next to that it is also a great meditation stone.

Medical Disclaimer

Although gemstones can help the healing process, we would like to stress that if you have severe and persistent complaints you should consult your G.P. or specialist! Gemstone therapy cannot replace medication. The remedies listed on this website are given as information, not as prescriptions or medical advice and cannot be held responsible for your choice to use gemstones instead of consulting a specialist or G.P. Should you choose to use a natural method or gemstone therapy for treating your ailments, the legal responsibility is your own.