Healing & Magickal Properties of Gemstones T-Z

Tanzanite Tanzanite
Chemical Composition: Ca2Al3[O(OH)SiO4/Si2O7]
Tanzanite is the rare blue variety of Zoisite. This stone stimulates the throat chakra, but also the crown and third eye chakras. Tanzanite makes sure that there is a connection between communication and clairvoyance, so that all that is seen in a vision can be put into clear wording. This stone also aids in depression, and teaches us how to use our logic. On the physical level this stone diminishes and heals skin disorders, but also against ailments of the eyes, like glaucoma and nearsightedness. Also use in case of migraine and hearing problems.

Tektite Tektite
Chemical Composition: mainly SiO2
Just like Moldavite, Tektite is a glass meteorite and this stone has come to this planet by meteor showers. This mineral helps you to gain knowledge here in your time on earth, it is a stone of growth and development. Next to that you may use Tektites to lower fevers and to protect yourself against infectious diseases. This stone will also help you to dispel aggressive moods and depressions.

Thulite Thulite
Chemical Composition: Ca2Al3[O(OH)SiO4/Si2O7]
Thulite is the reddish pink variety of Zoisite, and it is an excellent stone for children. It protects young children and teenagers against infections, the flu and head colds. Thulite strengthens the immune system and the heart as well. This pretty reddish pink stone aids in overcoming examination fright and strengthens the insight. It is a loving stone, and of course it is also suited for adults.

Tiger's Eye
Chemical Composition: SiO2
Tiger's Eye Tiger's Eye is a strong protector against black magic and negativity in general, dispells the evil eye and demons. This stone sends all negativity back to its sender... a small piece of Tiger's Eye placed near an entrance of a house will keep the negativity out. Tiger's Eye warms, gives self confidence and promotes responsability, against asthma, bronchitis and head colds, protects agains jealousy and negativity from others. Against eye diseases, helps one to recognize ones own faults and think clearly, against bacteria, strengthens joints, bones, liver and mobility center, protective. Tiger's Eye is used in protective magic and money magic. A Tiger's Eye especially programmed for this task and kept in your wallet will make sure that you always have enough change on you.

Chemical Composition: Al2(F2SiO4)
Topaz Topaz strengthens and sharpens the mind, against heart disease and varicose veins, exhaustion, stimulates blood circulation and pancreas, strengthens liver and kidneys, stimulates taste, strengthens the vital strength. Against insomnia and fatigue, promotes the 'good working order' of ovaries and testicles, against osteoporosis and tooth decay, stimulates the thyroid and thymus gland. Topaz can be used in money magic and is an excellent protector against negative magic and insanity.
Blue Topaz
Blue Topaz Blue Topaz positively influences the throat area and therefore can be used as a therapy stone against sore throats, thyroid problems and goiter. This stone also cures angina, tonsillitis and laryngitis. Blue Topaz can also be used in the treatment of varicose veins and haemorrhoids, because it strengthens the veins. Blue Topaz is a stone that inspires the human psyche, and it gives its wearer a harmonious connection to the environment and nature.
Golden Topaz
Golden Topaz Golden Topaz strengthens the entire system and protects the heart, blood circulation, liver and glands for all illness and it also strengthens the circulation and regulates the blood pressure, especially in cases of low blood pressure. Golden Topaz protects its wearer against illnesses caused by hyper- and hypo function of the endocrine glands, it also cures goitre. Golden Topaz strengthens the lungs and can cure and diminish loss of breath, bronchitis, colds and infections of the upper respiratory tract. It strengthens the immune system and makes sure that the oxygen is distributed throughout the body. On the psychological level Golden Topaz protects against depression and examination fright. Also Golden Topaz has given excellent results in the battle against insomnia, and it diminishes restless dreams and sleepwalking. It gives its wearer a positive outlook and strengthens intuition.

Chemical Composition: various
Tourmaline Tourmaline keeps the soul young and enhances spiritual possibilities up to a high age. This stone helps one to transform negative thoughts into loving thoughts and actions, promotes self confidence and concentration, against dizziness, falling and tripping, use when you have equilibrum problems and nervousness, comforts when you are sad. Tourmaline heals all forms of infections and poisonings, is soothing and calms, The stone lessens neuralgia, against shingles and throat problems. Has a positive influence on the thyroid. Because of its variety in colours Tourmaline can be used for many things in magic.
Also see: Indigolite, Rubellite, Schörl, Verdelite and Watermelon Tourmaline.

Tourmaline Quartz Tourmaline Quartz
Chemical Composition: SiO2 + Na(Li,Al)3Al6(OH)4(BO3)3Si6O18
Tourmaline Quartz breaks through vicious circles, against back problems, muscle aches, hernia, warts, emotional tension and hyperventilation. Tourmaline Quartz can be used for astral projection and is suited for meditation.

Turitella Agate
Turitella Agate Chemical composition: SiO2
This Agate variety is also called Snail Agate. Turitella Agate positively influences the stomach, the intestines and the pancreas. It also promotes digestion and stimulates stomach and pancreas functions. Turitella Agate is a protective stone and may also be used to dispel fatigue. Turitella Agate is a stone that promotes youth and keeps one young at heart, it also makes sure that you do not lose track of the child inside.

Chemical Composition: CuAl6[(OH)2PO4]4 + 4H2O
Turquoise Turquoise is a protective stone, it protects humans and animals against outside negative influences. It is also an excellent protector for travellers and in your car, you can keep a piece of Turquoise in your car as protection stone. Turquoise promotes relationships and gives its wearer wealth. It absorbs damaging vibrations and dispells the evil eye. It protects young children and helps deal with negative experiences. It promotes faithfullness in love and protects the virtues, promotes meditation and fulfills wishes. The stone will change colour when its wearer is sick or in danger, brings its wearer good luck. It is a friendship stone. Enhances good taste, gives happiness, makes content, promotes deeds, against hot flashes, protects against negative influences and attracts good things. Strengthens the immune system during viral contaminations, like flu, mono (kissing disease) and injuries. Against artritis, inflammation of joints (not connected to artritis), cramps and muscular tension, promotes the energy flow and gets rid of blockages, strengthens the nervous system, and the kidneys. Brings rest when one is irritable or mentally unstable and against insomnia caused by over exthaustion.

Chemical Composition: NaCa[B5O6 (OH) 6] + 5H2O
Ulexite Ulexite is also known under the name TV Rock and it thanks its name to the fact that the thin crystals of this stone act as optic fibres. You will see when you place a piece of Ulexite on a piece of paper that has been written on, that the text is projected on the top of the crystal. This property of Ulexite may also be used in gemstone therapy, you can use a piece of Ulexite to bring deep rooted problems to the surface and start dealing with them from the ground down and solve them. Also the antiseptic properties of this stone are used in gemstone therapy, Ulexite protects against and dissolves tetanus infections, and this is why it is a stone that should be in everyone's gemstone pharmacy.

Chemical Composition: SiO2 + Ca2(Fe,Al)Al2
Unakite Unakite brings balance into our bodies, it balances the function of all organs, bodily fluids and glands. Unakite diminishes cramps especially in the lower belly and genitals. This stone stimulates a healthy pregnancy. Next to that this stone can aid you in the re-birthing process and also helps you to work through traumas from the past.

Verdelite or Green Tourmaline
Chemical Composition: Na(Li1.5Al1.5)Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)3F
Verdelite Verdelite stimulates meditation and spiritual work, enhances the intuition and stimulates concentration during meditation excersizes. Against diabetes, it promotes the energy flow to the pancreas and quenches abnormal thirst. The stone promotes the absorbation of fats. Stimulates the heart, the cells and food absorbation. It promotes recovery after illness and deminishes anemia and paleness. It usually aids painfull menstruation. The stone is inspiring and attracts abundance and well being for its wearer.
Also see: Tourmaline.

Chemical Composition: Mg6(OH)8Si4O10
Verdite Verdite is the opaque green brown variety of Serpentine, this stone therefore contains all good properties of Serpentine, and next to that it also contains its own properties. This stone will help you to stabilise and harmonise your hormones. Verdite also strengthens the memory and concentration. This stone may be used to heal diseases of the heart and purify the blood, but also to cleanse the body of toxins. It is an excellent stone to stimulate the movement of the Kundalini.

Watermelon Tourmaline
Chemical Composition: Na(Li1.5Al1.5)Al6(BO3)3Si6O18(OH)3F
Watermelon Tourmaline Watermelon Tourmaline guides its wearer to find his/her spiritual balance, to find his/her own course. This gemstone is positive during meditations. Watermelon Tourmaline also shows its wearer his/her own powers and strengthens them. Watermelon Tourmaline supports and harmonizes the endocrine system and gives energy to the sex organs. It also balances the female and male powers. It protects against changing influences from the outside world.
Also see: Tourmaline.

Chemical Composition: ZrSiO4
Zircon Zircon helps its wearer during astral projection and on an astral level, the stone strengthens the union with astral beings and protects in the spiritual world. Zircon can break spells and protects against all negative spiritual influences. Against allergies and poisoning, strengthens the liver, gives strength when one is infected with the HIV virus, against depressions, strengthens nerves. Strengthens the pinneal gland, promotes the 'working order' of both female and male genitalia. For the nervous system, against problems of the saliva glands, eye and ear problems, strengthens the bladder, prostate and testicles. Helps one to remember dreams.

Zoisite Zoisite
Chemical Composition: Ca2Al3[O(OH)SiO4/Si2O7]
Green Zoisite is an excellent healer for problems related to sexuality, it strengthens the central nervous system and stimulates the healing of bones. Next to that it strengthens the kidney function and vitality. Also this stone can be used to heal headaches, especially those in the back of the head.
Also see: Tanzanite, Thulite and Zoisite-Ruby.

Zoisite-Ruby Zoisite-Ruby
Chemical Composition: Ca2Al3[O(OH)SiO4/Si2O7] + Al2O2
Zoisite with inclusions of Ruby, that often are attached like small crystals to the green Zoisite, positively influences angina pectoris, blood circulation and the sexual organs. It may also be used to treat infertility, but it is suited for the treatment of bronchitis and cold shivers as well. Zoisite-Ruby gives its wearer energy and harmonises.
Also see: Zoisite.

Medical Disclaimer

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