What are the birthstones by month? January is garnet, February is amethyst, March is aquamarine, April is diamond, May is emerald, June is alexandrite, July is ruby, August is peridot, September is sapphire, October is tourmaline, November is topaz, December is blue topaz. Learn more about these popular gemstones.

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Birthstones chart summary

Modern vs. Traditional

The list of traditional or ancient birthstones most well-known in the United States actually originated in Poland between the 16th and 18th centuries. In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers released a list of so-called “modern birthstones.” The modern list differed somewhat from the traditional, most notably by including only transparent gems. Presumably, this made it easier for jewelers to create “mother’s rings,” which feature the birthstones of a woman’s children, in a manner more suited to modern tastes. (Imagine trying to create a ring with a pearl, a turquoise cabochon, and a diamond and emerald, both faceted).

To this day, jewelers continue to add options to the modern birthstone chart. For example, spinel, citrine, and tanzanite are recent moder additions.

In the United States today, people draw freely from both lists and pick the stones that appeal to them. Some traditional gems are also less expensive (like turquoise) or more readily available (like cultivated pearls) than their modern counterparts. Thus, some traditional stones remain popular.


Garnet Image
Garnet Image
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Amethyst Image
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Diamond Image
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Emerald Image
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Ruby Image
Ruby Image
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Spine Image
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Sapphire Image
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Golden Topaz
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Blue Zircon
Blue Topaz Image
Blue Topaz
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Lapis Lazuli Image
Lapis Lazuli



Although garnet is commonly associated with the color red, these gemstones can be found in almost any color and are popular choices for jewelry of all types. That's excellent news if you're in the market for the January birthstone. The garnet family is one of the most complex in the gem world. It's not a single species but rather consists of several species and varieties.

  • Symbolism

    Some believe that garnets are a protective stone, shielding the wearer from injury. This made them particularly popular amongst warriors and royalty. Occasionally associated with life-giving blood, red-variety garnets are also connected to vitality, love, and light.

  • Color

    Depending on the type of garnet, you can choose from red, purplish, green, yellow, and orange options. It is not uncommon to find large garnet crystals with vibrant hues and clear transparency.

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    Amethyst is crystalline quartz in colors ranging from pale lilac to deep reddish purple. It has a relatively high hardness of 7, which means it's very scratch resistant. The February birthstone makes a fine gem for any kind of jewelry.

    • Symbolism

      As the color purple has long been connected with royalty, amethysts were favored by the ruling class. Over time, amethysts have also come to be associated with spirituality, mental clarity, and healing.

    • Color

      Specifically a purple variety of quartz whose saturation may range from pale to vibrant. Generally speaking, vivid stones are more highly sought-after and valuable than paler ones.

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      Named after the color of seawater, aquamarine is the blue to blue-green member of the beryl family. Readily available and moderately priced, the March birthstone makes an excellent jewelry stone.

      • Symbolism

        The name "aquamarine" comes from the Latin for "seawater", and the stones were thought to protect seafarers. Some associate aquamarines with marital happiness and superior intellect.

      • Color

        These stones can be found in both blue and blue/green hues. Aquamarine stones will always have light color saturation and tone so you will not see any dark blues or greens.

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        Diamond is the most popular ring stone choice in the world. These gems are prized for their classic beauty and clarity, and diamond jewelry has become a status symbol.

        • Symbolism

          Due to their extreme hardness, overall durability, and undeniable beauty, diamonds are associated with strength and eternal love. It is no wonder that they are commonly used in both engagement and wedding ring designs.

        • Color

          While the vast majority of diamonds are colorless, they may express a full rainbow of fancy colors. From rare reds to deep blues to warm yellows, there is a fancy colored diamond for all preferences and occasions.

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          Emerald has been synonymous with the color green since ancient times. A fine emerald is a truly breathtaking sight, and this member of the beryl family deserves its placement among the traditional "Big Four" gems, along with diamond, ruby, and sapphire.

          • Symbolism

            Legand has it that wearing emeralds will imbue the wearer with heightened intelligence and allow them to think objectively. Others use the stone to promote healing. It has even been claimed that emeralds allow the wearer to predict the future.

          • Color

            The best emeralds express an even, deep green. Some may have blue undertones. Emeralds are known to commonly include eye-visible inclusions. Generally speaking, the fewer the inclusions, the higher the value of the stone.

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            Pearls are the only gems found within living creatures, both salt and freshwater mollusks. However, most pearls on the market today are cultivated or cultured, since they now occur extremely rarely in nature. While pearls require special care, they have an enduring appeal for jewelry, particularly as the traditional June birthstone.

            • Symbolism

              The finest pearls display unblemished surfaces with even coloring. Thus, there is a natural association with qualities like honesty, purity, and wisdom. Some cultures associate pearls with the divine, believing that pearls were tears shed from heaven, while others placed pearls in the graves of their loved ones. Ancient Chinese lore claims that pearls represent wisdom and power and are carried by dragons.

            • Color

              While most still think of pearls as white, they are now available in a range of colors including black, green, gold, silver, and various pastels depending on where they were farmed.

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              One of the most popular traditional jewelry stones, ruby is exceptionally durable. Its colors — always red — can reach vivid levels of saturation. Fine-quality rubies are some of the most expensive gemstones, with record prices over $1,000,000 per carat.

              • Symbolism

                Rubies have long been connected with physicality and strength. Favored by warriors, rubies were thought to be intimately connected with the human body. They were credited with increasing the strength and stamina of the wearer. Rubies were also thought to calm anger and help the wearer navigate passionate social situations.

              • Color

                Rubies are a radiant red gemstone. Technically, rubies and sapphires are both corundum. Rubies are corundum gems that have a dominant red hue. However, you can find rubies with orange or pink undertones.

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                The modern August birthstone, peridot has been prized as a jewelry stone since ancient times. Always green in color but with considerable variations, a peridot's particular shade depends on its source.

                • Symbolism

                  Peridots have been credited with protecting their wearer during the night. This is due to the fact that the lively appearance of peridot fostered ancient associations between the gemstone and the sun. It was thought that keeping the stone close during dark hours repelled nighttime evil spirits.

                • Color

                  The green hue of some peridot may overlap with the green color displayed by emeralds. However, peridot often features a unique yellowish overtone not observed in emeralds. Some stones have a brownish appearance.

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                  Few gems have held our attention over millennia as well as sapphire. Its pure blue colors and excellent durability make it an exceptional gemstone. However, not all sapphires are blue. The September birthstone comes in many colors.

                  • Symbolism

                    Sapphires are considered a protective gemstone. They may shield the wearer from physical harm as well as bad intentions and envy. It was also thought that sapphires had medicinal properties. Blue sapphires are considered a highly spiritual stone worn by priests. Lastly, sapphires are among the few gemstones that can exhibit natural asterism in the form of a six-rayed star.

                  • Color

                    Like rubies, sapphires are corundum gems. They occur in a full rainbow variety of colors, except red. (Red corundum is ruby). Sapphires will be marketed according to their color, i.e., yellow sapphire or purple sapphire. However, the word "sapphire" on its own refers specifically to the blue variety.

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                    Opals are in a class by themselves. As a species, opal is so unique its patterns have their own descriptive vocabulary. More than any other gem, each opal is distinctly individual. Opals are also the most delicate gemstones commonly worn and require special care.

                    • Symbolism

                      Perhaps due to their dynamic appearance, opals are associated with light and magic. As such, some credited opals with healing properties, especially for the eyes. Some believed that opals could even make the wearer invisible. While some cling to negative superstitions about opals, others wear them for good luck.

                    • Color

                      Some opals can display the phenomenon known as play-of-color, dazzling flashes of color that move as the stone is turned. Opals are the only gems that can show this effect, but not all opals do.

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                      Citrine is the yellow to red-orange variety of crystalline quartz. Clever marketing and the rise of "earth tone" fashions have made this durable and readily available gem a popular modern birthstone in recent years.

                      • Symbolism

                        A cousin of amethyst, citrine is also part of the quartz family. Citrine is predominantly associated with healing and happiness. Whether you're having a stomach ache, suffering from insomnia, or just feeling stressed, citrines are thought to bring relief.

                      • Color

                        Citrines are famous for their warm orange and yellow hues, perhaps with some hints of brown. They can also come in large sizes. A notable proportion of citrines on the market come out of the ground as unimpressive amethysts or smokey quartzes. These stones are subsequently heated to enhance the yellow and orange colors.

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                        Most blue topazes come out of the earth colorless or pale blue. A two-step heat and radiation laboratory treatment is then used to turn these stones vivid greenish blue. Blue topazes are not only beautiful but inexpensive.

                        • Symbolism

                          Through the ages, topaz has been popularly associated with wealth. This is likely due to its more common yellow color, which led some to believe that topaz had the mystical ability to attract gold.

                        • Color

                          Blue topaz are refered to by trade names such as "London Blue," "Swiss Blue," and "Sky Blue." London Blues have a dark steel blue or grayish blue color. Swiss Blues show a highly saturated greenish blue. Sky Blues show pale blue colors and may somewhat resemble aquamarines in hue and tone.

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